Ron Smith doubles up with the club 25 championship!

the A420 and Oxonian CC provided the setting for the club 25 championship on Sunday. With Smith, Ashcroft and Tantrum all primed to duke it out for the cup, the chasers- McGowan, Middleton, Morris et al were looking for Fourth place on the day.

It was (another) pretty ordinary day- gusting breeze from somewhere and light rain making the course that little more difficult on the morning.

It was everyone’s favourite Scotsman (outside of that gawky wet fish Murray), Ronald Reginald Dermott Smith (58.30)who nipped the cup on the day by 4 seconds to an inspired Neil Ashcroft (58.34), who wasn’t going to let his title go without a fight. Pete Tantrum zipped up and down withing 19 seconds of the Rocket, his time of 58.49 meaning there was a blanket of just 19 seconds over the speedy trio.

Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum led the Didcot Gals home on the day to win the 25 cup and congratulations to her as like Ronnie McHaggis McSmith she made it a 10/25 double which almost £7K on her bike (which we all have apparently). Well done Zoe, and congrats on trophy two for the year!

Results as follows

R Smith 58.30

N Ashcroft 58.34

P Tantrum 58,49

D O’Reilly 61.12

I Middleton 62.08

S McGowan 62.58

P Stacey 63.22

N Morris 63.33

R Briggs 65.25

I Kent 65.38

R B-Davies 69.03

Z Ludwig-Tantrum 71.57 (gals 25 champ)

M Fountain 74.23 (fastest male over 90)


For heavens sake, can everyone start practicing the Hill Climb course or Ron will break his rear axle with all the trophies he’s going to take home on presentation night…..



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