Harwell Hilly TT results

Congratulations to Neil Ashcroft on the Harwell Hilly TT win!

Next week the club TT is on the Sires hill course and is a 2-up TT and 19:16 start.

Please be advised that the TT on the 30th July will now take place on the Fairmile course due to roadworks along the CC118 Stadhampton course.

2015 Ben Owen Memorial results

2015’s Ben Owen Memorial Inter club TT saw a super Sunny night on the Stadhampton CC118a course, with Zappi’s Puffins ladies team and the DPCC mens team taking the team honours on the evening.

DPCC would like to thank all our friends from the participating clubs that came along to ride and make the evening so enjoyable. Also a huge thanks to Ron Smith for organising the event and to the many volunteers that gave up their evening to help out. Very special thanks again to Christopher Owen and Ian Patrick, one of Ben’s friends for presenting the trophies on the evening.

Ladies Result:
1st Zappi’s Puffins 1h41m56s (Tamara Davenne 24:13; Clare Leaver 25:31; Tracy Best 26:19; Merce Pujado 25:53; Bonnie van Wilgenburg 27:06)
2nd Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1 1h48m52s
3rd DPCC Ladies 1h51m01s

Scratch Result:
1st DPCC Men 1h31m16s (Richard Harrison 22:08; Steve Mead 22:40; Neil Ashcroft 22:49; Ron Smith 23:39; Martin Stanley 23:41)
2nd Newbury RC A 1h31m49s
3rd Fairly United CT 1h32m35s

Full individual results here.

Full Team results (fastest 4 riders count):

  • 1:31:16 – DPCC Men
  • 1:31:49 – Newbury RC A
  • 1:32:35 – Fairly United C T 1
  • 1:34:38 – Cowley Rd Condors Men A
  • 1:35:47 – Oxonian CC
  • 1:40:46 – Newbury RC Men B
  • 1:41:56 – Zappi’s Puffins
  • 1:45:30 – OTCC Men 1
  • 1:46:30 – OTCC Men 2
  • 1:48:35 – Cowley Rd Condors Men B
  • 1:48:52 – Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1
  • 1:51:01 – DPCC Ladies
  • 1:56:08 – OTCC Ladies
  • 1:57:56 – Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 2

2015 Ben Owen Memorial 10 miles Time Trial

Date: Thursday 9th July 2015
Course: cc118a Stadhampton – Watlington – Chalgrove
Event Organiser: Ron Smith, Didcot Phoenix CC –
HQ: John Hampden Hall, 101 High Street, Chalgrove, OX44 7SS
(situated directly opposite the row of four shops)
16 Teams
80 riders (including 2 vacant slots)
First rider 19:01
Last Rider 20:20
Start Timekeeper: Marion Fountain
Finish Timekeeper: Mark Scanlan

Time No Name Club
19:01 1 Jonny Revis Cowley Rd Condors Men A
19:02 2 Mick Chambers OTCC Men 1
19:03 3 Tamara Davenne Zappi’s Puffins
19:04 4 Neil Ashcroft DPCC Men
19:05 5 Paul Nicholls Oxonian
19:06 6 Laura Cubiss Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1
19:07 7 Pete Oliver Fairly United Cycling Team 1
19:08 8 Helen Taylor DPCC Ladies
19:09 9 Jon Harle Cowley Rd Condors Men B
19:10 10 Tracey Prior OTCC Ladies
19:11 11 Tristan Davenne Newbury RC A
19:12 12 Chris Brand OTCC Men 2
19:13 13 Fi Walton Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 2
19:14 14 Paul Granger Fairly United Cycling Team 2
19:15 15 Nigel Brown Newbury RC Men B
19:16 16 Clare Leaver Zappi’s Penguins
19:17 17 Michael Devaney Cowley Rd Condors Men A
19:18 18 Jono Mckendry OTCC Men 1
19:19 19 Siân Cahill Zappi’s Puffins
19:20 20 Steve Mead DPCC Men
19:21 21 Paul Allday Oxonian
19:22 22 Rachael Peterson Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1
19:23 23 Mark Cox Fairly United Cycling Team 1
19:24 24 Vicky Lawson DPCC Ladies
19:25 25 Matt Wicks Cowley Rd Condors Men B
19:26 26 Harriet Woollard OTCC Ladies
19:27 27 Rachael Elliott Newbury RC A
19:28 28 Toby Franks OTCC Men 2
19:29 29 Cathy Naylor Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 2
19:30 30 Chris Edginton Fairly United Cycling Team 2
19:31 31 Adam Evans Newbury RC Men B
19:32 32 Hedvika Toncrova Zappi’s Penguins
19:33 33 Andy Ruane Cowley Rd Condors Men A
19:34 34 Adrian Green OTCC Men 1
19:35 35 Tracy Best Zappi’s Puffins
19:36 36 Martin Stanley DPCC Men
19:37 37 Malcolm Rose Oxonian
19:38 38 Aimee Fenwick Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1
19:39 39 Eamonn Deeley Fairly United Cycling Team 1
19:40 40 Clare Hofmann DPCC Ladies
19:41 41 Mark Glendinning Cowley Rd Condors Men B
19:42 42 Jo Edwards OTCC Ladies
19:43 43 Matt Fisher Newbury RC A
19:44 44 Darren Drysdale OTCC Men 2
19:45 45 Jenny White Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 2
19:46 46 Simon Drewett Fairly United Cycling Team 2
19:47 47 Alastair Jarman Newbury RC Men B
19:48 48 Anita Smith Zappi’s Penguins
19:49 49 Daniel Bradley Cowley Rd Condors Men A
19:50 50 Martin Adams OTCC Men 1
19:51 51 Merce Pacios Zappi’s Puffins
19:52 52 Richard Harrison DPCC Men
19:53 53 Jemima Line Oxonian
19:54 54 Ruth Corrigan Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1
19:55 55 Matt Alder Fairly United Cycling Team 1
19:56 56 Sarah Bryson DPCC Ladies
19:57 57 Andy Haines Villalta Cowley Rd Condors Men B
19:58 58 Clare Harris OTCC Ladies
19:59 59 Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC A
20:00 60 Rob Griffiths OTCC Men 2
20:01 61 Neele Drob Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 2
20:02 62 Neil Johnson Fairly United Cycling Team 2
20:03 63 Andy Legge Newbury RC Men B
20:04 64 Elly Crockford Zappi’s Penguins
20:05 65 Matt Thomas Cowley Rd Condors Men A
20:06 66 Chris Chambers OTCC Men 1
20:07 67 Bonnie van Wilgenburg Zappi’s Puffins
20:08 68 Ron Smith DPCC Men
20:09 69 Matthew Rowley Oxonian
20:10 70 Tyra Rivkin Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1
20:11 71 Mike Logue Fairly United Cycling Team 1
20:12 72 vacant DPCC Ladies
20:13 73 Dominic Shadbolt Cowley Rd Condors Men B
20:14 74 Elena Georgakoupolou OTCC Ladies
20:15 75 Hefin Jones Newbury RC A
20:16 76 Gary Nixon OTCC Men 2
20:17 77 Lucy Marsh Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 2
20:18 78 Wesley Cooke Fairly United Cycling Team 2
20:19 79 Graham Morrison Newbury RC Men B
20:20 80 vacant Zappi’s Penguins

Weekend Round up

Sunday 5th July:
8 a.m. : DPCC utilised our friends at Oxonian CC – Open 25 mile TT on the H25/17 course for our club champs. On what was a perfect float morning with not a breath of wind, Steve Mead and Clare Hofmann emerged victorious as Mens and Ladies champions – 2015. Congratulations to Both!

Thanks again to Oxonian for a super event.

9 a.m.: The ever popular Club run with ~20 members led by Ron and Simon had a great morning ride to Waterperry. For the usual great weekly write up of the club run see our internal forum section here.

11:30 a.m.: 3 plucky DPCC riders were among a strong 80 man peleton in Kirtlington for the latest round of the ORRL hosted by Cowley road Condors. A great event again in perfect conditions, although a non racing incident on the final lap did interfere with the ultimate results, but Sebastian Charlesworth rode his luck and finished in a unconfirmed top 10 place.
Congratulations to Seb and the team.
Cowley road condor road racers. 7th for seb
More photos here.

Finally Richard Harrison took a drive up to to Hull to Ride on the now famous V718 course in a City RC event. Unconfirmed results again, but I hear it may be a new club record for a 10 mile TT in a monster time of 19 minutes 6 seconds. Looking forward to validating that as a club record Richard!
Edit results now confirmed, new club record! Results here and photos of Richard here.

As usual, if you have any cycling related activity you want to share then drop me an email here.

Weekend round-up – New Club record

Phil Brown breaks the club vets record for a 50 mile TT that had stood for 20 years! Phil used the Liss P855 course in Hampshire on Sunday 28th June to set the record. Congratulations Phil!

Also on Sunday Mark Scanlan won the 10 mile Chris Hart memorial TT – handicap event on the H10/17r, using one of Chris’s bikes. Congratulations to Mark!

And finally, last week saw a criterium race at Dalton barracks, which forms part of the popular Oxfordshire Road Racing league. 8 of our members took part with Jez Hewitt securing 5th spot which should consolidate his 3rd place in the league overall. Congratulations Jez!

Ben Owen Memorial 10 mile Time Trial 2015

This year’s running of the Ben Owen Memorial 10 mile Time Trial takes place on Thursday 9th July (this is later in the summer than normal in order to avoid clashing with the BMCC team time trial event at Silverstone), with racing commencing at 7.01pm.
As in recent years it will be held on the cc118a course – starting in Stadhampton, turning in Watlington and finishing on the Chalgrove bypass.  Teams of 5 riders (each riding individually) will compete in Men’s and Ladies’ competitions: each team’s fastest 4 rider times being aggregated for the final team time.
Events such as this cannot take place without the help of Club members and although I have already had several offers of help, I still need a few more volunteers to ensure its safe and efficient running.  So if you are able to give up some of your time to help (marshalling on the course; helping with signing-on and number distribution; time-keeping; serving post-race refreshments*) please would you let me know.
*If you can’t make it on the night, but have some free time in the evenings leading up to the 9th, you might like to get busy in your kitchen and bake a cake or some biscuits for the refreshment stall.
All proceeds from entry fees and donations for refreshments go to charity (Leukaemia Research).
To contact me regarding this, please email benowen@didcotphoenix.co.uk 
Thanks in advance.
Ron Smith.

Stadhampton TT results – 18th June

Rob Gray (RAF CA) wins again! A glorious night on the Stadhampton course with a light westerly wind compared to last weeks moderate easterly saw most riders slightly down on finish times. Jason Hales (Oxford City RC) finished 2nd, just 8 seconds adrift of 1st, with Mark Cox (Fairly United CT) 3rd, and Neil Ashcroft again quickest DPCC rider.