Dunko’s off to ride the Tour! (kinda), so sponsor him…..

If he hasn’t told you already (where have you been?), Dunko is off on Thursday to Leeds to ride the first stage of Le Tour in the Grand Depart Challenge, where he is trying to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity (funnily enough).

Some of our members have been kind enough to donate in response to my post on the Club’s Facebook page, but if you’re not living in the 20th century yet (and don’t have a Farcebook account), here’s the link to read my story and donate if you can afford it.


Press release pic

Above-(featured pic in today’s Didcot Guardian and hopefully tomorrow’s Didcot Herald)

I’ll post a story on here if I make it to the end, and we’ll be in Yorkshire Sat and Sunday if you’re up having a nose about. I think we’re going to look at the start in Leeds, then catch the bus/train to Harrogate later for the finish of stage 1…. I know Mike and Laura are going up too if you want to catch up with someone who doesn’t talk so much….

I’ll wish me luck!

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