Club Runs April – June

To make the clubruns work it is vital that regulars commit to lead a ride in the upcoming months. Pick your favourite route/cafe-stop and let me know a date. I can then publish a Spring Schedule.

Please also note the 0900 start time from this Sunday onwards. April will be a bit disrupted by the two opening club time trials (including Easter Sunday), and the Abingdon Festival on the 15th. . So club runs will probably be back to normal for Sun 22nd & 29th.

Volunteering – more info
Yes, I know it’s a dirty word, but club events don’t happen without members contributing, and the clubruns are no different. If we get enough volunteers I can publish a schedule with cafe destinations for the coming months. This has many benefits – for one, we’ll waste a lot less time on Sundays when we could be riding our bikes.
So what does this involve? Just pick a café and a route, and make sure you’re familiar enough with it to navigate a group there. Choose your own route, or pick one we’ve used before from the maps page – you can take us to a new cafe if you think we’ve neglected your favourite in the past!

If we keep getting good turnouts, we’ll aim to keep splitting the group. With destinations published in advance, more of us can swot up on the route and then be able to lead a splinter group if required. Everyone should benefit 🙂

So, get your diary out, then get in touch – either on the forum or email

Happy pedalling,

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