BMCC’s 4 up World Championship….

Tuesday night, August 14  saw BMCC hold their cracking night at W(eston)O(n)T(he)G(reen) with 3 teams from the mighty DPCC attacking for the cup.

Team 1 (The Didcot Pigeons)was Druce, Tantrum, Rodger and Dunko and set a nice pace, although Dave decided he’d prefer watching at the end of the second lap, leaving his mates to storm about by themselves. He was nice enough to wave the past on the final lap and tell us we looked tired (that may not be true).

Team 2 off was The tanned twins of Brightwell Luck & Briggs, and the not so tanned but very handsome Big Neil Morris and Stevie Rowe. A drop in the wind speed enabled the boys to post a short 23 which left them middle of the table for the night.

Team 3 consisted of Phil Brown, Ron Smiff, Ian Midds and Simmo Mcgowan and looked the team to beat on paper, but Phil had to bail as he forgot he had a trip to the ballet on the evening. That said, the boys put in a pretty impressive shift and only finished a second behind the Piegons (Team 1).


So that just leaves us to crown The Didcot Pigeons as World 4up champions. Let’s get more teams there next year- it’s an absolute blast!



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