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Senior and Veteran, Men and Womens

Senior Men 10 miles
1977Mick Fountain24m 52s
1978Mick Fountain24m 38s
1978Gary Stevens24m 16s
1978Gary Stevens23m 42s
1978Ian Briggs23m 15s
1978Ian Briggs23m 05s
1978Ian Briggs22m 56s
1981John Cole22m 39s
1981Ian Greenstreet22m 36s
1983John Cole22m 16s
1984Les Lloyd22m 12s
1984John Cole21m 57s
1987John Cole21m 49s
1990John Cole21m 47s
1992Rich Charlton21m 25s
1996Rich Abbott21m 08s
1999Nick Druce20m 59s
2004Nick Druce20m 45s
2005Nick Druce19m 58s
2013Phil Brown19m 43s
2014 (31st August)Phil Brown (43)19m 38s
2015 (5th July)Richard Harrison (37)19m 06s
2016 (10th Sept)Richard Harrison (39)18m 56s
2018 (7th May)Chris Boddy18m 13s
Senior Men 15 miles
2018 (25th August)Rob Vessey33m 58s
2019 (24th July)Richard Gildea29m 04s
2019 (24th July)Henry Latimer28m 49s
Senior Men 25 miles
1977Mick Fountain1h 02m 03s
1978P Grayham1h 01m 44s
1978Ian Briggs1h 01m 09s
1981Ian Greenstreet58m 42s
1983John Cole58m 06s
1983John Cole56m 38s
1984John Cole56m 35s
1985John Cole56m 02s
1988Les Lloyd55m 05s
1989Les Lloyd53m 48s
1996Rich Abbott51m 48s
2014 (14th June)Steve Wright (31)51m 27s
2014 (7th Sep)Phil Brown (43)51m 16s
2015 (23rd August)Phil Brown (44)50m 04s
2016 (25th June)Richard Harrison (38)48m 56s
2017 (20th August)Chris Boddy (29)48m 39s
2018 (3rd June)Richard Gildea47m 34s
2018 (3rd June)Chris Boddy46m 00s
Senior Men 30 miles
1985Mick Fountain1h 16m 17s
1985John Cole1h 11m 15s
1989Mick Fountain1h 10m 49s
1989Les Lloyd1h 06m 52s
2005Nick Druce1h 06m 32s
2011Phil Brown1h 05m 16s
2015Richard Harrison59m 05s
Senior Men 50 miles
1977Mick Fountain2h 12m 50s
1978P Grayham2h 11m 55s
1979Mick Fountain2h 10m 00s
1979P Grayham2h 09m 31s
1980John Cole2h 09m 10s
1981John Cole2h 08m 36s
1981John Cole2h 06m 34s
1982Mick Fountain2h 02m 14s
1983John Cole2h 02m 13s
1984John Cole2h 01m 28s
1985Les Lloyd1h 59m 52s
1995Richard Abbott1h 57m 50s
1999Paul Nichols1h 55m 02s
2007Phil Brown1h 53m 55s
 2011Phil Brown1h 51m 30s
2012Phil Brown1h 49m 12s
2014 (19th July)Steve Wright (31)1h 46m 40s
2016 (23rd July)Richard Gildea (30)1h 46m 11s
2017 (15th July)Richard Gildea (31)1h 44m 38s
2018 (29th April)Richard Gildea1h 43m 50s
2019 (23rd June)Henry Latimer1h 40m 49s
2019 (23rd June)Richard Gildea1h 38m 32s
Senior Men 100 miles
1977Mick Fountain4h 31m 27s
1982Mick Fountain4h 26m 20s
1983John Cole4h 21m 04s
1984John Cole4h 16m 12s
1996Richard Abbott4h 10m 35s
2008Phil Brown4h 10m 32s
2011Phil Brown3h 55m 17s
2017 (11th June)Richard Gildea (31)3h 46m 00s
2017 (9th July) - National 100 - 14thRichard Gildea (31)3h 45m 17s
2018 (8th July) - National 100 -7thRichard Gildea (32)3h 36m 42s
2019 (26th May)Richard Gildea3h 36m 36s
2020 (5th September)Henry Latimer 3h 34m 09s
Senior Men 12 hour
2011Stan Maciak (vet)260.52 miles
2018 (17th June) - National 12 hour - 3rdRichard Gildea301.19 miles
Senior Men 12 hour Team event (3Up)
1985 National Championship698.61 miles
Les Lloyd (246.766miles) / Lynn Taylor (235.075m) / Mick Fountain (216.770 m)
Senior Men 24 hour
1989Pete Annells307.15 miles
2008Matt Chambers321.69 miles
2010Pete Annells (46)322.66 miles
2011Ross Bentley-Davies347.51 miles
2012Matt Chambers380.481 miles
Senior Women 10 miles
1977C Dennison33m 29s
1978C Dennison29m 33s
1983Marion Fountain29m 02s
1984Pauline Avery28m 39s
1984Pauline Avery27m 58s
1984Pauline Avery27m 29s
1984Pauline Avery27m 25s
1989Erika Smith26m 22s
1992Mary-Jane Wheeler25m 23s
1992Mary-Jane Wheeler24m 51s
2016Victoria Lawson (35)24m 19s
2017Lucy Austin (31)23m 48s
2018 (7th June)Emily McLoughlin23m 37s
2019 (19th April)Emily McLoughlin23m 07s
Senior Women 25 miles
1984Pauline Avery1h 15m 35s
1984Pauline Avery1h 12m 11s
1984Pauline Avery1h 10m 47s
1989Pauline Graystock1h 10m 29s
1992Mary-Jane Wheeler1h 09m 36s
1992Mary-Jane Wheeler1h 03m 06s
1996Mary-Jane Wheeler1h 01m 33s
2018 (20th May)Emily McLoughlin1h 00m 33s
2018 (1st July)Emily McLoughlin1h 00m 22s
2019 (9th June)Emily McLoughlin59m 46s
Senior Women 30 miles
No record- -- -
Senior Women 50 miles
1984Pauline Avery2h 33m 05s
1984Pauline Avery2h 32m 10s
1994Mary-Jane Wheeler2h 31m 39s
1994Mary-Jane Wheeler2h 22m 17s
1996Mary-Jane Wheeler2h 19m 49s
1996Mary-Jane Wheeler2h 11m 57s
1997Mary-Jane Wheeler2h 11m 12s
2019Emily McLoughlin1h 58m 13s
Senior Women 100 miles
1994Mary-Jane Wheeler5h 19m 58s
1996Mary-Jane Wheeler4h 47m 21s
2018 (8th July) - National 100 - 16thAlison Vessey (63)4h 46m 30s
Senior Women 12 hour
2018 (17th June) - National 12 hour - 11thAlison Vessey (63)218.501 miles
Senior Women 24 hour
No record- -- -
Veteran Men 10 miles
1977Roy Pickford26m 45s
1978Roy Pickford26m 16s
1978Roy Pickford25m 40s
1979Roy Pickford25m 08s
1980Roy Pickford24m 43s
1980Mick Fountain23m 40s
1981Mick Fountain23m 01s
1983John Cole22m 57s
1983John Cole22m 53s
1983John Cole22m 50s
1983John Cole22m 16s
1984John Cole21m 57s
1987John Cole21m 49s
1996Richard Abbott21m 08s
2008Alan Allcock21m 05s
2011Alan Allcock21m 03s
2013Phil Brown19m 43s
2014 (31st August)Phil Brown (43)19m 38s
Veteran Men 15 miles
2018 (25th August)Rob Vessey33m 58s
Veteran Men 25 miles
1977Roy Pickford1h 09m 58s
1978Roy Pickford1h 06m 46s
1980Roy Pickford1h 03m 47s
1981Mick Fountain1h 00m 51s
1982Mick Fountain1h 00m 42s
1982Mick Fountain1h 00m 22s
1983John Cole1h 00m 17s
1983John Cole59m 42s
1983John Cole58m 06s
1983John Cole56m 38s
1984John Cole56m 35s
1985John Cole56m 06s
1987John Cole55m 59s
1989John Cole55m 32s
1996Richard Abbott51m 48s
2014 (22nd June)Phil Brown (42)51m 28s
2014 (7th Sep)Phil Brown (43)51m 16s
2015 (23rd August) Phil Brown (44)50m 04s
Veteran Men 30 miles
1985Mick Fountain1h 16m 17s
1985John Cole1h 11m 15s
1989Mick Fountain1h 10m 49s
2008Mark Scanlan1h 10m 32s
2018 VTTA National Champs Rob Vessey (54)1h 09m 53s
Veteran Men 50 miles
1979Roy Pickford2h 14m 57s
1981Mick Fountain2h 10m 24s
1981Mick Fountain2h 09m 48s
1982Mick Fountain2h 02m 14s
1983Mick Fountain2h 02m 13s
1984John Cole2h 01m 28s
1995Richard Abbott1h 57m 50s
2015 (28th June)Phil Brown (43)1h 49m 45s
Veteran Men 100 miles
1980Roy Pickford4h 58m 40s
1981Mick Fountain4h 33m 30s
1982Mick Fountain4h 33m 10s
1982Mick Fountain4h 26m 20s
1983John Cole4h 21m 04s
1984John Cole4h 16m 12s
1996Richard Abbott4h 10m 35s
Veteran Men 12 hour
1981Mick Fountain235.372 miles
1983Mick Fountain238.778 miles
1983John Cole240.730 miles
1984John Cole240.970 miles
2008Mick Fountain243.229 miles
2009Stan Maciak248.250 miles
2011Stan Maciak260.52 miles
Veteran Men 24 hour
2010Pete Annells (46)322.66 miles
2012Matt Chambers380.481 miles
Veteran Women 10 miles
2010 (6th May)Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum (41)31m 16s
2010 (27th May)Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum (41)30m 06s
2011 (5th May)Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum (42)28m 51s
2012 (31st May)Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum (43)27m 24s
2013 (2nd May)Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum (44)27m 20s
2013 (30th May)Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum (44)27m 16s
2015 (21st May)Clare Hofmann (41)27m 11s
2015 (28th May)Clare Hofmann (41)26m 11s
2018 (15th July)Alison Vessey (63)24m 36s
Veteran Women 25 miles
2011 ( 3rd July)Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum (42)1h 12m 29s
2015 (5th July)Clare Hofmann (41)1h 09m 50s
2018 (21st April)Alison Vessey (63)1h 5m 08s
Veteran Women 30 miles
to be updated- -- -
Veteran Women 50 miles
to be updated- -- -
Veteran Women 100 miles
2018Alison Vessey (63)5h 16m 05s
2018 (8th July) - National 100 - 16thAlison Vessey (63)4h 46m 30s
Veteran Women 12 hour
2018 (17th June) - National 12 hour - 11thAlison Vessey (63)218.501 miles
Veteran Women 24 hour

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Junior and Juvenile, Boys and girls

Junior Boys 10 miles
1978John Bibby27m 28s
1978John Bibby25m 55s
1978John Bibby25m 25s
1978John Bibby25m 11s
1980Ian Greenstreet25m 05s
1980Ian Greenstreet24m 52s
1980Ian Greenstreet24m 25s
1981Ian Greenstreet23m 33s
1981Ian Greenstreet23m 27s
1981Ian Greenstreet22m 56s
1981Ian Greenstreet22m 36s
1984Gwain Bailey22m 27s
2014 (24th April)George Towersey (17)21m 41s
2014 (8th May)George Towersey (17)21m 36s
2014 (29th May)George Towersey (17)21m 16s
2014 (11th June)George Towersey (17)20m 52s
Junior Boys 25 miles
1978John Bibby1h 07m 39s
1978John Bibby1h 04m 50s
1980Ian Greenstreet1h 03m 29s
1980Ian Greenstreet1h 02m 05s
1981Ian Greenstreet1h 01m 33s
1981Ian Greenstreet58m 42s
1991Nathan Cole58m 34s
2010 (3rd Oct)Henry Latimer (17)58m 21s
Junior Boys 30 miles
No record- -- -
Junior Boys 50 miles
1981Ian Greenstreet2h 09m 58s
Junior Girls 10 miles
No record- -- -
Junior Girls 25 miles
No record- -- -
Junior Girls 30 miles
No record- -- -
Junior Girls 50 miles
No record- -- -
Juvenile Boys 5 mile
1980Dave Fountain13m 06s
1981Dave Fountain12m 44s
1989Nathan Cole12m 39s
Juvenile Boys 10 miles
1977J Davidson30m 32s
1978J Davidson29m 12s
1978J Davidson28m 42s
1978J Davidson28m 22s
1978P James27m 27s
1979Ian Greenstreet26m 07s
1980P James26m 01s
1980P James25m 39s
1980Dave Fountain25m 24s
1981Dave Fountain25m 22s
1981Dave Fountain24m 49s
1981Dave Fountain24m 06s
1981Dave Fountain23m 55s
1984Andrew Fountain23m 50s
1989Nathan Cole23m 30s
1993Mark Lloyd23m 25s
1993Mark Lloyd23m 15s
1993Mark Lloyd22m 19s
Juvenile Boys 25 miles
1981Dave Fountain1h 13m 00s
1981Pete Chitty1h 12m 16s
1981Dave Fountain1h 05m 31s
1981Dave Fountain1h 03m 40s
1989Nathan Cole1h 01m 19s
Juvenile Girls 10 miles
No record- -- -
Juvenile Girls 25 miles
No record- -- -


Veterans 10 mile standard
1981Eric Cole4.28
1989John Cole4.49
1989Tom Graystock4.5
1996Richard Abbott6.25
2007Mick Fountain6.59
2008Alan Allcock7.1
2008Mick Fountain7.25
2009Stan Maciak7.43
Veterans 25 mile standard
1981Eric Cole10.3
1985John Cole10.24
1988John Cole12.23
1989John Cole13.3
1995Richard Abbott14.31
1996Richard Abbott19.19
Veterans 30 mile standard
1985Mick Fountain5.19
1985John Cole9.09
1985Lawrie Hunt9.32
1989Mick Fountain13.15
2007Mick Fountain16.27
2008Mick Fountain18.47
Veterans 50 mile standard
1981Eric Cole15.4
1982Mick Fountain15.49
1983Eric Cole23.22
1995Richard Abbott28.42
2003Paul Oak29.42
2004Mick Fountain31
2008Mick Fountain32.47
Veterans 100 mile standard
1981Eric Cole44
1996Richard Abbott66.14
2004Mick Fountain71.01
2007Mick Fountain83.57
2008Stan Maciak85.26
Veterans 12 hour standard
1981Eric Cole24.37
1990Mick Fountain28.23
1999Mick Fountain33.72
2006Mick Fountain33.94
2007Mick Fountain47.19
2008Mick Fountain59.62
2011Stan Maciak72.804
Veterans 24 hour standard
2010Pete AnnellsTBC

Tandem and Trike

Senior Mens Trike 10 miles
1990Alasdair Worsley25m 22s
1999Steve Avery25m 05s
1999Steve Avery24m 51s
2001Steve Avery24m 42s
Senior Mens Trike 25 miles
1991Alasdair Worsley1h 08m 17s
2000Steve Avery1h 06m 69s
2001Steve Avery1h 06m 41s
Womens Trike 10 miles
1984Pauline Avery29m 33s
1988Pauline Graystock27m 53s
1989Pauline Graystock26m 48s
Womens Trike 25 miles
1989Pauline Graystock1h 14m 41s
Womens Trike 30 miles
1989Pauline Graystock1h 32m 34s
Womens Trike 50 miles
1989Pauline Graystock2h 40m 54s
Womens Trike 100 miles
1989Pauline Graystock5h 50m 35s
Womens Trike 12 hour
2002Pauline Graystock154.4 miles
Mens Tandem 10 miles
1996Alan Allcock/Steve Luck24m 31s
1999Paul Oak/Steve Avery24m 06s
1999Paul Davison/Matt Walker23m 43s
2000Alan Allcock/Eddie Yarker22m 49s
2000Matt Walker/Paul Davison21m 42s
2000Paul Nichols/Nick Beale20m 35s
2013Nick Druce (43) / Steve Luck (60) 20m 20s
Mens Tandem 25 miles
2001Alan Allcock/Eddie Yarker1h 03m 02s
2001Rupert Beale/Paul Nichols56m 59s
 2010Alan Allcock/Mark Scanlan54m 29s
Mens Tandem 50 miles
2010Mark Scanlan/Alan Allcock1h 55m 53s
Mixed Tandem  10 miles
1995Paul & Charlotte Oak29m 56s
1999Paul & Phillipa Davison25m 08s
2001Matt Walker, Lucy Waller24m 28s
Mens Tandem Trike 10 miles
1990Alasdair Worsley/Tom Graystock26m 23s
1993Rich Abbott/Tom Graystock25m 52s
1995Ian Briggs/Tom Graystock25m 39s
1996Steve Avery/Tom Graystock24m 22s
Mens Tandem Trike 25 miles
1995Ian Briggs/Tom Graystock1h 11m 18s
1996Steve Avery/Tom Graystock58m 57s
Mens Tandem Trike 50 miles
1997Steve Avery/Tom Graystock2h 17m 15s
1998Steve Avery/Paul Oak2h 14m 01s
Mixed Tandem Trike 10 miles
1988Pauline & Tom Graystock23m 57s
Mixed Tandem Trike 25 miles
1988Pauline & Tom Graystock1h 02m 51s
Mixed Tandem Trike 30 miles
1988Pauline & Tom Graystock1h 29m 06s
Mixed Tandem Trike 50 miles
1988Pauline & Tom Graystock2h 29m 24s
1996Pauline & Tom Graystock2h 22m 21s
Mixed Tandem Trike 100 miles
1988Pauline & Tom Graystock4h 42m 54s
Womens Tandem Trike 10 miles
1992Mary J Wheeler/P Graystock27m 55s
1993Mary J Wheeler/P Graystock25m 09s

Hill Climbs

Sulham Hill climb
Senior record
1981John Cole1m 27.00s
1982John Cole1m 25.20s
1984Gwain Bailey1m 22.10s
Junior record
1984Gwain Bailey1m 22.10s
Juvenile record
1981Dave Fountain1m 49.00s
1989Nathan Cole1m 40.30s
Womens record
1984Louise Marshall3m 12.40s
1990Samantha Cole2m 53.50s
1999Lucy Waller2m 32.00s
1998Lucy Waller2m 18.20s
2000Lucy Waller2m 17.90s
2001Lucy Waller2m 07.00s
Streatley Hill climb
Senior record
1981John Cole2m 59.0s
1982John Cole2m 58.8s
1983John Cole2m 52.2s
1984John Cole2m 52.6s
1985John Cole2m 52.5s
1999Matt Walker2m 43.7s
2003Matt Hart2m 43.0s
2016Richard Gildea2m 37s
Womens record
1998Lucy Waller5m 03.06s
1999Lucy Waller4m 37.40s
2000Lucy Waller4m 28.77s
Junior record
1984Gwain Bailey3m 02.40s
2014 (21st Sep)Tim Allen3m 00.01s
Juvenile record
1982Andrew Fountain4m 17.70s
1998Aaron Teifel3m 32.50s
Crays Pond hill climb
Senior record
2005Matt Hart5m 59.90s
2006Mark Cox5m 34.30s
Short course to be used from 2016 onwards, to fit in-line with the Open hill climb course - HCC012
2016Richard Gildea5m 08s
2017Richard Gildea4m54s
Wittenham Hill climbshorter HC 2015 onwards
2014Tim Allen2m 40.30s
2015 Ron Smith2m 39s
2016Richard Gildea2m 20s
2017Richard Gildea2m 16s

Age Categories

JuvenileUnder 16 years old
Junior16 or 17 years old
Senior18 to 39 years old
Veteran40 years old or greater
* Provisional records will be confirmed at the Awards committee meeting at the end of the year