Wet Windy Club Run for the Queen’s Jubilee!

A slightly disjointed and depleted club run (due to Floyd Landis getting the start time wrong), saw a group of 2 of Rocket Ron McSklonney Smith and Iain Kent come across the ‘fast’ group of Nick El Presedente Druce, John Paul Senior, John Junior World Sprint Champ Paul Jr and Floyd Landis at the Aston Pottery rendezvous. A nice tea break was followed by a wet windy ride home with a quick stop for Iain to demonstrate his tube changing skills and Landis being made a fool of by JP jr in a sprint for the Sutton Courtenay. It really is humbling to see someone come past twice as fast when you’re at top speed. It was also rather funny to see JP Snr get soaked by the car that over took us during the sprint.
Special Mention goes to Nick who tweaked his bike up with the Union Flag and some traditional kit and a saddle bag you could fit 20 or so rabbits in.
See you next week for 9 at the Broadway. FL

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