Wessex League CX at Harwell This Sunday

A slightly late preview, but there’s as many as 10 of the DPCCCX posse heading up to Harwell to braves the Siberian condisions tomorrow in the 7th round of the Wessex league hosted by Swindon RC.
El Capitane Druce, Moneybags Briggs and possibly the Tantrums will join CX regulars this season Lantern, Will I Am, Snotty Middleton,  Big Neil, the Warwick Bros, team Cooper and Dunko in what has a reputation for being a tough race.

Remember, the Wessex league race times are a little different from the Central race times so tomorrow’s listings are as follows

Race Timetable

11:00 Under 12′s
11:45 Youth
12:45 Junior/Veteran/Women
14:00 Senior Men

Entry Fees: £12 on the day Seniors/Juniors/Veterans, £5 Youths, £1 Under 12′s

Refreshments: drinks, cakes and snacks available on a donation basis (proceeds to Wiltshire Air Ambulance)

Directions: Arrows will be placed from the Chilton junction of the A34 also signposted RALab.

Parking: Please park in the car park to the left, beyond the red and white barrier.

Even if you’re not racing (scoff), come on up and cheer/laugh at the rest of us!

Next week Oxonian have their event up at The Brookes uni Campus at Harcourt as round 8 of the Wessex league which will be the race that most of us head to.

See you there!


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