Time Trial Etiquette - A few pointers from our TT Secretary


1. Be at the start line in good time - it makes the time keepers' job much easier;

2. Don't queue in the road at the start - the rider and pusher off will not be able to see oncoming cars and there is a risk that you may be struck from behind;

3. Don't ride through the start as it can cause confusion for the timekeeper;

4. Don't stop at the finish to ask for your time - the job of those at the finish is to take riders' times and numbers - answering your questions is distracting and can lead to mistakes; and

5. Volunteer to either push off or run one of the watches at one evening TT this season - we can't run our very successful TT's without the help of our members (particularly those who participate in the TT's regularly).

In relation to helping, I will be circulating a schedule of events where assistance is required at this weeks TT. Please add your name to the list.

Many thanks in anticipation of your help, Phil