Stadhampton TT results 11.7.13

A reasonable evening greeted us for the out and back at Stadders on Thursday night.
Start TK- Simmo McGowan, Neil Ashcroft- Pusher, Finish TK-Ron Smith
We had some newcomers to Time Trialling and a couple of new faces which is always nice. Well done all and with Harwell Hilly scheduled for this coming Thursday, keep an eye on the website for news on what we’ve got planned (I wouldn’t have a clue otherwise).
Don’t forget the BBQ after the clubbie tomorrow at Mike and Laura’s. £5 per head.

M Fountain 33.18
W Annells 26.13
S Evans 26.06
S Mead 23.35
R Briggs 24.44
I Hillsdon 25.22
H Waller 24.25
J Katoen 28.10
A Simiatis 22.15
S Legge 25.22
P Lloyd 22.48
P Warwick 25.29
S Warwick 25.44
A Black 26.07
S Butcher 24.46
R Gray 22.19
N Davidson 23.58
J Kwong 29.19
M Stanley 25.18
K Stopps 26.59
A Gardner 25.22
I D Kent 24.51
N Ashcroft 23.10
@zacpurchase 25.23
O Clarke26.59

This coming week sees an unprecedented 4 teams off to WOTG for the 4up TTT and then we have the Silverstone 9up TTT next Friday which promises to be a superb evening.
Thursday in two weeks sees the club 2up, so check the other club member’s times and pick your partner and enjoy that!


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