Slightly late CX race review and helper thankyou!

Well, December 2 came and went with another bumper field of riders at Chiltern Edge School for round 8 of the Central League CX 2012/13.
It all started the weekend before when Sam, Pete and Will Annells took the roadtrip up to Bedford for round 7. Will knocked out another solid result in Youth (15th), and continues to handle his CX bike better each race. As does Sam Dorkings who rattled into 54th and his best result of the year. Dunko slipped into 21st, more due to lack of riders than an increase in pace. Pete positioned himself at a couple of key points of the course which saw lots of riders hit the deck in the mud quite funnily without any fear of injuy. The boys then got changed and got to work quick smart to break down the course and fill the trailer and bus with kit for our race the following weekend.

Saturday saw the course setup with Ultra Hippy, Sam, Nick, Simmo Mac, Kevo, Rich Abbott, Simon Hughes, #WillIAm, Tom Gray, Big Neil, Kevin Nutt from the School et al (might as well start apologising for forgetting anyone right now). Up went the course, with a little tape to be added Sunday morning after Dunko didn’t being enough tape….
Sunday came along with Pete and Davo manning the Canteen- the boys had done superbly again with their catering and buying- and looked after all of our helpers nicely on Raceday.
Lucy and Colin Garnham from Reading CC signed on the hoardes of riders and collected the money.
Lucky Boy, Phil Robbins (who stepped in at the last minute), Big Neil, #IanDKent, Paddy and Mark Dole nailed the lap scoring and data entry. Made for a much easier wrap of the event after the scoring went a bit wrong the year before. Great job guys!

Sam and Nick led the course Marshalls including Tom Gray, the Venerable and wise Druce Seniors (Kathy and Dave), Matty Chambre, Kevo, Kevin Nutt from the School (again) and Steve the school Caretaker.

As ever, the officials from BC- Mark Dole, Dave Puddephatt and Graham Macnamee were great support and the club thanks them for their efforts!

Again, it’s only because there were 15 or so helpers on both days from the club that we’ve managed to put together our single biggest one day fundraiser for the year. Really appreciate all of those who put themselves out for the race and you all have a tick against you names for the year.

A few more grey hairs came along for the event organiser, but a super club effort overall. Thankyou again to everyone who contributed and sorry if I’ve missed your name out in the thankyou’s- (message me and I’ll edit the report)


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