Round 10 of the Central CX League Venue change!

Due to circumstances involving the next round event organiser being posted on duty in the Falklands, the Central League has made the decision to hold the next round at Culham on January 6. It will require all clubs to muck in to make it happen- my thought was to try to get as many of us involved on the Saturday in building the course and hopefully that will free as many as possible to race what has been regarded as one of the best courses of the year- not easy by any means, but sand, mud, some nice technical sections,  a few short sharp climbs and some tasty head and tailwinds gives racers a great mix of  terrain for the race there.


Details  and online entry here….


So, if you’re keen to help on Saturday the 5th with Course building and taping or want to step in on the Sunday to help on raceday, drop Dunko a line and we’ll bang an event together that will be great for all concerned!


Updates to come….

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