Result of Club 10 mile TT 19 July 2012 on CC220 – Harwell Hilly

There was a reasonable turnout for last nights Harwell Hilly time trial and we all finished just before the rain came down!  There was a cross wind across the course, but it was reasonably warm and the roads were dry.

The end of the season is rapidly approaching and we are planning an end of season curry this year, with details to follow soon.

See you soon, Mike

Start TK Duncan
Finish TK Duncan

12 Mark Cox Fairly Unit 27:10
5 Ron Smith DPCC 27:37
4 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 28:35
15 Simon McGowan DPCC 29:44
13 Pete Tantrum DPCC 30:23
10 Oliver Clark DPCC 31:00
9 Iain Kent DPCC 31:22
16 Mike Cooper DPCC 31:41
17 Tom Sefton PPV 31:55
8 Jake Smith DPCC 32:19
14 Sam Dorkings Try It 32:50
6 Kevin Stopps DPCC 34:07
3 William Annells DPCC 35:08
11 Ian Hillsdon DPCC 35:24
2 Phil Stacey DPCC 36:37
7 Leigh Bastadle Try It 36:38
1 Mick Fountain DPCC 38:37

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