Olly Clarke wins the HC for 2012!

Oly Clarke has become the DPCC HC champ, taking a narrow lead into the second leg up Streatley from Clarke Senior. Olly has really finished the season with a flourish and his time up Streatley of 3.14 was near Rocket Ron’s time from last year!
Well Done to Olly, followed By Andy and Sam Dorkings filled the podium in 3rd.

Apologies from the TT secretary for forgetting to collect the Massive cup from Senior Smith’s house- The tiny Sycotta cup had to do for the publicity pic instead this year. He’ll have to wait for presentation night to get his mitts on that!

Big thanks to Patrick for doing the start, Nick for looking after the finish line and everyone else for waiting patinenly while the TT secretary sorted out the maths.

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