Minutes from 2012 DPCC AGM

Minutes of Didcot Phoenix CC AGM Thursday 18th October 2012 held at Didcot Guide Hut 7.30pm

Present:Nick Druce, Robert Briggs, Mick Fountain, Mike & Laura Cooper, Duncan O’Reilly, Steve Rowe, Neil Morris, Simon McGowan, Kevin Stopps, Marion Fountain, Phill Stacey, Steve Luck, Pete Tantrum, Nikki Malloy, Steve Warwick, Phil Robbins, Richard Abbott, Iain Kent, Sam Dorkings (apologies to those omitted)

Apologies: Matt Chambers, Phil Brown, Trevor Patey, Ron Smith, Tom Gray

Welcome by Chairman Nick Druce meeting opened at 7.45pm.

Apologies & minutes of 2011 AGM read by secretary, Robert Briggs: adopted.


Nick gave his report & commented on the success of cycling in 2012. For DPCC CX, TT & Audax all successful, but TT was operated without a TT secretary. However thanks to Duncan for stepping in.
Nick praised Stan for his amazing performances. Sadly Nick advised of the death of founder club member, Ron Chitty.
Unfortunate RTA on Club 10 (not DPCC member); well handled by marshalls.
Nick thanked all volunteers & was pleased with social events like Halfords Crit in Oxford. WOTG & Downton events positively supported. Good feeling generally in the club & some younger
members showing interest & TTing regularly.
Recruitment drive suggested & Nick has received some enquiries, but maybe necessary to broaden our horizons. It would be good to promote a road race & event for novices.

Nick thanked all the members & the committee.
Some new kit designs to appraise: see addendum to minutes.

Membership Dave Rodger-74 members & 5 lifetime members.

Treasurer Mick Fountain-£41 deficit, but on a running basis is making a slight surplus. CX made “whopping profit” thanks to Dunko’s CX event.
5 mile TT to be promoted next year for youngsters.
New TT numbers purchased.
Subs unchanged for 2013.
Ian asked if engraving costs could be trimmed.

TT Secretary (in absentia) Dunko- reported that we had well-attended TT season. Ron won 10 & 25, Ollie took hill-climb & nearly everyone posted PBs. Dates for 2013 to be lodged. Dunko standing down, but suggested a spreadsheet for volunteers for 2013.

Dunko thanked all helpers in 2012 & hoped that everyone enjoyed their season.

Nick invited volunteers for the post to come forward as soon as possible.

BC Secretary Trevor- standing down this year so Nick thanked him.

Could be combined with secretary, but best to remain independent.

Social Secretary Mike- Awards Dinner, Crit in Oxford, winter training about to start 01/11/2012. TT supper impromptu curry. Plans for casual drinks over the winter.

Kit- Nick announced proposal to change Club name & kit. Name change overruled by committee so will remain as is. Tom a graphic designer asked to design some alternatives which were circulated & universally welcomed.
Decided to adopt 3 designs & post them on the website & to seek votes from club members before final design is decided. Designs below…..

Election of Officers:
Membership & Kit-Dave
Social-Mike & Laura
Press (& BC Secretary)-Dunko


TT Delegates-Mick & Mark
Club Run Secretary-Nick thanked Matt for all his hard work in building up the popularity. Ron & Simon happy to fill the post jointly.
TT Secretary-nominations sought, but none forthcoming…….
BC Representative-nominations sought: Dunko proposed by Mike & seconded by Ian.
Committee members without portfolio-Matt proposed by Ian & seconded by Mick. Ian, Pete, Phill, Nikki & Pete Annells.

*Dunko’s proposal was read & discussed with Steve Rowe’s response aired viz extending TTs to youngsters (Sundays).
One TT a month suggested on the same course subject to finding the course & a TT secretary. Stadhampton 5 mile course already approved could be adopted. Dalton Barracks a possible alternative.
Dunko has approval from Dalton Barracks for a road race in 2013.
One a month aimed at youths for adoption 2014.

*Spinning starts 1st November at BCS Pavilion 7pm: all welcome.

*Website banner to be changed to be a moving banner featuring other club members & various biking disciplines.

*Concern was expressed as to whether as a club we are doing enough for Stan & it was agreed that some additional contact would be good such as sending him the AGM minutes, writing individually & possibly naming the youth TT series after Stan.

*Mike brought up Abingdon Festival of Cycling as an opportunity to promote the club. Audax event suggested.

*2013 Dates:
Audax-last Sunday June
Open 10TT-24th August
Open 25TT-8th September
CX-2nd December
*Steve Warwick kindly volunteered to lead a beginners Club Run once a month.
Meeting closed at 9.41pm
PS to minutes: Following the AGM, although unable to physically make Thursday night time trials, Steve Rowe has kindly offered to take on the administration of the TT calendar, co-ordination of the helpers for events and act as a point of contact for correspondence with governing bodies etc.

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