Matt Chambers beats the club 24 hour TT record!

Well done to Matt for stretching the club 24 hour TT record out to an impressive 380.481 miles ( provisional), and also well done to Ross on his 352 mile PB. Matt’s distance also takes the vet’s record and vet’s ‘on standard’ record.

From a distance the weather looked to be favourable for big distances but there was nobody over 500 this year.  No doubt there will be a further account from the riders themselves once they have recovered!

Ross reported “we had close to perfect weather conditions for this year’s race: no wind and warm all night”.

“Matt started 9 mins ahead of me and I couldn’t resist the temptation to try to chase him down. I did catch him, but the effect was that I started much too fast. I’d done the first 100 miles, including a stop for a cup of tea and a sandwich in only two minutes more than my 100 mile TT time last month”.

“Realising I’d overcooked it, I backed off and Matt moved ahead again. We reached halfway within a mile of each other, and when Matt stopped for a sleep for half-an-hour, I had the lead again. I was in quite a bit of pain and slowing all the time from my pace-misjudgement, and Matt had got his pace just right. He breezed past me and I finally admitted defeat about 5am”.

“While Matt was slogging out the miles down to Telford, I deliberately took a longer break and tried to recover a bit, safe in the knowledge that if I reached the Hodnet roundabout after 7am I’d get turned back and wouldn’t have to ride the rough road surface all the way to Telford. I worked out that I could still get a PB if I was careful with my pace. In the end I’m pretty pleased with managing to recover and keep my head together enough to get a PB on a ride when I’d got myself into such a mess after only 6 or 7 hours”.

“Matt did brilliantly – he got the pacing just right and, unlike previous years, managed to keep his digestion under control too”.

“A well deserved record”.

Congratulations to all riders taking part in this event, it takes a tremendous effort to complete a 24 hour race!

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