Leiden Plaque and Club 25 TT Championships 2017

This year sees Didcot Phoenix host the Interclub Leiden Plaque Trophy, a 25 Mile time trial which is handicapped using CTT rules. As with last year, we are also using the event to host the club 25 mile TT Championships.

It would be fantastic to see a turn out by DPCC riders, and given the handicapping system opens up the chance to win prizes to anyone.

Date: 28th August 2017 8/9am Start
Course: H25/17
HQ: Wootton & Dry Sandford Community Centre
Entry Cost: £6

If you’d like to enter, in advance of the event, please message email Harri James (harrijam@gmail.com).

We are also looking for some volunteers to help with the running of the event, which if you can help out with, would be much appreciated.

p.s Last year Paul Demicoli and his Banbury Star team won it, which we can’t have happen again!

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