Time Trials

DPCC host and race in a series of time trial races throughout the season.

TTs are a good entry point into racing where riders test themselves against the clock over 10 mile, 25 mile and longer courses; all you need is a bike.

Our club members race across the region seeking personal best times while some of our members compete at the highest level achieving national medals

Our Thursday evening TT series runs from April to August and we also put on well attended weekend TTs in the London West District.

Club races are open to all (see below for details) with club membership required for other events in the district (CTT website)

2019 Time Trial Fixtures: (results here)

02/04/20ThursdayCC271West Hanney1018:46Come and Try It
Come and Try It
Standard Road Bike only, No Aero Kit
Come and Try It
Come and Try It
Come and Try It
Come and Try It
14/05/20ThursdayCC271West Hanney1019:16Volunteer
Come and Try It
21/05/20ThursdayCC118Stadhampton1019:16Come and Try It
Come and Try It
10 Mile Cup (Preference DPCC)
Come and Try It
14/06/20SundayH25/17Cumnor2507:01DPCC Open 10 (TT Bikes) – enter here
DPCC Open 10 (Road Bikes) – enter here
Ben Owen Memorial Invitational TT
Come and Try It
Come and Try It
09/07/20ThursdayCC271West Hanney1019:31Volunteer
Come and Try It
Come and Try It
2Up TT
Come and Try It
Come and Try It
13/08/20ThursdayCC271West Hanney1018:46Volunteer
Come and Try It
20/08/20ThursdayHHC028Wittenham ClumpsHC19:01Volunteer
22/08/20SaturdayH10/17rSouthmoor1015:01DPCC Open 10 (TT Bikes) – enter here
DPCC Open 10 (Road Bikes) – enter here
DPCC Open Hill Climb – enter here
Christmas Cup

Find information on our club time trial courses here.

Course CodeLengthNameStart locationFinish locationSuggested Parking
CC11810 milesStadhamptonstadhampton startstadhampton finish
CC22011.4 milesHarwell HillyHarwell startHarwell finish
CC24110 milesFairmileFairmile startfairmile finish
CC243a10 milesBrightwellbrightwell donkey startBrightwell donkey finishParking
CC27110 milesWest HanneyHanney startHanney finish
H10/1510 milesSires HillSires Hill H10/15 startSires Hill H10/15 FinishParking
H10/1710 milesCumnorH10/17 StartH10/17 FinishSuggest parking TBC
H10/17 & H25/17 parking
H10/17R10 milesSouthmoorH10/17R StartH10/17R FinishH10/17R Parking
H25/1725 milesCumnorH10/17 & H25/17 parking
HC005Hill ClimbStreatley
HC012Hill ClimbCray’s pond
HHC028Hill ClimbWittenham Clumps

Previous Years Time Trial Results

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7 replies to “Time Trials”

  1. […] Remember if you plan to ride more than 6 TT across the season then it is expected that you help out at at least 1. See the TT page for the schedule of TTs and volunteer roles available: http://www.didcotphoenix.co.uk/?page_id=42 […]

  2. […] on 7th July, and will be on the Brightwell course due to road works on Fairmile, start time 19:31. Helpers still […]

  3. […] Hill climb of Wittenham Hill (if the planned roadworks in the area have completed), volunteers still […]

  4. […] the page here for course and season long […]

  5. […] Harri James was cream of the crop on a cool and windy Fairmile course clocking 21m25s, Henry Latimer (Nuun Sigma) was 2nd and Paul Lloyd (Fairly united) 3rd. Thanks to the helpers for putting on a great event. Next week we return to Stadhampton and still require a number volunteers. Can you help? […]

  6. […] Harri James wins on a most pleasant evening with 22m38s on the West Hanney course. Thanks to all TT helpers. Next week we return to the Southmoor course, and we still need a few roles filling to run the event, can you help? […]

  7. […] Next week we have the final Thursday TT of the season before moving onto Hill Climbs. Stadhampton is the venue for an early 18:46 start, meeting on the green from 18:00 for sign-on. And as ever we still need the volunteer roles filling to run the event, can you help? […]

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