Harwell welcomes the DPCCCX Posse!

This is the expanded report from the one that wasn’t published by the paper last week:(

Sunday October 28 saw the biggest crowd of DPCCCX Posse riders at a single event so far. The 70’s band that is the Warwick Bros, El Capitane Druce, Team Cooper, Tan Man Briggs, Will I Am Annells, Big Neil Morris, Ian Cakeater Middleton and Dunko the man O’Reilly all kitted up and went into battle for the day.

And what a day it was! Windy, chilly and a pair of nasty steep slippy climbs alongside a bum clinching wet loose descent and some tricky techy sections made it the toughest course of the year so far.
Will was the first Warrior to complete his race and a tidy result of 9th in the U16’s was his result.

The combined Old Gits/Juniors/Gals race went off at 1245 and after a hurried leadup in the mechanics workshop, Nick (41st)narrowly led Pete(42nd) home with Steve(44th) leading Neil(45th) home narrowly very soon after.
Robbo came home 59th (with his spangly new bike and loose front wheel) which is very tidy for his first CX race! well done mate
Speaking of legends- Laura(3rd) made the podium in the gals race! woop woop. Mike says she drank her bottle of wine on the way home in the car to complete her recovery nutrition (that may not be true). Well done you!

The big boys came out to play next. Dunko(23rd) had a quick sneaky loan of Ian’s(32nd) spare front wheel in the minutes before the race, and gave him a sporting pat on the rear as he lapped him saying it was only his wheel that made him faster. Mikey Cooper(29th) tackled his first 60 minute race and wanted to give up cx for the rest of his life afterwards. Well done mate.

A special mention goes to the hoardes of DPCCCX Posse fanbase including Mrs D, Pete and Zoe (who bravely attempted a lap and crashed for good measure), The Annells and The Current Mrs O’Reilly and Rosie and all the other racers who stayed to cheer everyone on.

Possibly the high point of our season!

woop woop

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