Fairmile TT result – 26th June

As someone pointed out last night, Glastonbury and Wimbledon have started, so rain was very much in the forecast. And come 19:15 it started and didn’t stop.

Neil Ashcroft ended up with Club honours and the overall win, with Mark Winks picking up second spot ahead of Chris Gilligan 3rd.

Bad Luck to Rob Gray from RAF CA who snapped a chain at the furthest point away from the start line and then attracted the attention of the local boys in blue and their helicopter, luckily they were looking for someone else 😀

Thanks to all the volunteers and to Simon McGowan for providing the broom wagon.

Start TK: Simon McGowan
Finish TK: Steve Luck
Pusher: Simon Evans
Start Sheet & Number Taker: Martin Stanley, Clare Hofmann
Broom Wagon: Simon McGowan

#Start NoNameClubTime
11Neil AshcroftDPCC22.34
22Mark WinksDPCC24.20
39Chris GilliganDPCC24.28
43Adam GardnerGS Henley24.40
57Dimitri KalafatisDPCC26.04
68Jeremy StambaughDPCC26.05
76Kevin StoppsDPCC27.06
84Matt ChambersDPCC28.06

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