DPCCCX Posse hit Hemel Hempsted!

Sunday October 14 saw Lantern, Snotty and Skippy head off to Hemel for round 3 of the Central League CX. Conditions were a little soggy underfoot which made it tough to put the power down, but the boys put a solid effort in with Dunko 27th in Seniors, Ian 39th in Seniors and Sam 45th on his Hybrid MTB. Sam is looking out for anyone who has an unused CX bike to try it out in Small/medium if some one would like to give him a try.

The posse’s plan is to rece the two local events over the next two weekends, Zappi’s event over at Cluham park (Culham Park
Culham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3DA), is this Sunday the 21st and then Wessex roll into Harwell the following weekend. Hope to get all of the DPCCCX gang out for the next two weekends!

Full results below


Dunko is still seeking offeres of help before he starts emailling people, so please say hi at the AGM and sign up…


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