DPCCCX Posse descend on Brookes Uni

Sunday saw Oxonian host their second cyclocross event for the year at the Oxford Brookes University Campus at Harcourt. It was proper cyclocross conditions too- wet, windy, muddy and cold. Didcot had a number of hardy riders involved in the racing. Will Annels took 8th in the youth category and continued his fine season, Neil Morris took 43rd in the Vets which he described as 47 of the most energy sapping minutes of his life- like cycling through treacle.
Unfortunately both Steve Warwick and Duncan O’Reilly met with the dreaded DNF- Steve was mounted from behind by another rider who couldn’t stop which damaged his bike and Dunko punctured and was too silly to have spares waiting…

I did hear one comment that said the winner at Paris-Roubaix is the first in the showers, so I ended up being the senior winner in that respect. MMM, warm shower….


For those brave/stupid enough to race kudos, to those who sheltered away at home bah humbug in a Cyclocrossy way! Take a teaspoon of cement powder and harden up….


Emails coming out soon with helper roles and sub management teams for our CX up at Sonning Common. If you haven’t offered your help yet, remember you can’t race unless you bring someone to help out for the day…. Will I Am remains the only person to have qualified for this benefit….

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