DPCC Time Trial – Sires Hill – Sunday 3rd April – Cancelled

Hi All,

This is to announce the cancellation of this weekend’s TT.  Our season will now commence on the 10th April on the Brightwell CC243a course.

Apologies for the cancellation, but with a limited number of volunteers and many members cycling in Wales, I felt it best to delay the season start until next week.

Best regards, Mike

DPCC Chairman

We are in need of TT helpers to run the forthcoming TT to be held on Sunday 3rd April (11am start) on the Sires Hill course.

If you can help, drop me or Robert Briggs the TT sec an email : timetrials@didcotphoenix.co.uk or secretary@didcotphoenix.co.uk

Remember if you plan to ride more than 6 TT across the season then it is expected that you help out at at least 1. See the TT page for the schedule of TTs and volunteer roles available: http://www.didcotphoenix.co.uk/?page_id=42

kind regards

Martin Stanley
DPCC Secretary

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