DPCC Sunday Rides – Announcement

For those of you who weren’t at the AGM to hear this, after doing the job for over 3 years Simon McGowan will be stepping down as Sunday Rides co-organiser early in the New Year. Don’t panic – he’s not giving up riding with us! And I’m carrying on, so you’ll probably not notice any change. (This isn’t meant to imply that Simon didn’t do anything… Quite the opposite – I’m sure you’ll all agree that his contribution over the past few years has turned the DPCC Sunday Rides program into the popular and thriving success it currently is)

Nevertheless, if anybody would like to join me as a co-organiser I’d be delighted to have somebody to bounce ideas off for the rides calendar. The job is REALLY DIFFICULT – it’s HARD trying to choose which of all the local cafes are your favourites, and in which order you want to visit them. Also, sometimes you have to go and recce a new destination, and EAT CAKE and DRINK COFFEE to determine whether they are worth our custom…

In addition, three or four times a year we would sit down and update the table of destinations on the web site. For the last 3+ years this has involved me supplying the beers and Simon doing the typing. If you’re NEW to DRINKING BEER, please don’t feel that you aren’t qualified for the job. I will personally ensure that FULL TRAINING WILL BE GIVEN!

In addition, you might have to respond to the occasional e-mail messages we receive from riders looking to join us, and if you’re keen you might have to battle Vicky and/or me to be the first to submit a hilariously witty (Vicky), or poor imitation of hilariously witty (me) ride report to the DPCC Forum

You also get the chance to boss people around and make decisions when I’m not around (and also if I am…) – e.g. if I can’t manage a Sunday, or if rider numbers force us split into groups. There are loads of fully-downloadable routes in our RideWithGPS online account, so as long as you can load them on to a Garmin (other GPS devices are available), or are able to vaguely remember a course, then the decision making can be kept to a minimum if you like it that way.

So, don’t be shy* – feel free to reply to this post if you think you’ve something to offer. Or speak to me on a Sunday or email.

Cheers! Ron.

(* among other things it allows you to say you’re doing something for the Club, so that when volunteers are being sought for other tasks you don’t need to feel guilty about turning them down!)

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