DPCC Sunday Ride 6th October 2013 – Aston Pottery

As well as the 7 Ladies, 20 blokes gathered outside Broadways for the first Sunday of the month Come and Try It ride to Aston Pottery. A couple of new riders (although not new to distance/group riding) – welcome Richard and Mark. Anyway, with such a large number it was decided to split the ride in two. Simon would lead one group, and as the only other person who had a clue of the route I would lead the other…

In order to put a bit of distance between the two groups, Simon took his group out of Didcot to the north to take in Sutton Courtenay and Drayton before turning towards Steventon, while my group headed straight there through Harwell. On the Steventon Road we had a brief sighting of Nick Druce speeding towards us out on a training ride – next seen an hour and a bit later at the cafe. And approaching Gainfield we were treated to the sight of some deer through the patchy mist in a field adjacent to the road. The two groups finally came together just after Clanfield, with the cafe just a couple of miles away.

Once at the cafe, Nick was rewarding himself with three – yes three – cakes 😯 ! Not that I can pass too many comments as I had two 😳 (as did several others…). But at that price it would have been rude not to 😛 .

Suitably refreshed, there was just time for Mike to organise a photoshoot of the large number of riders in new kit before we hit the road again.

Ron’s group did 50.3 miles in a shade under 3 hours at an average of 17.6mph. No mechanicals.
Simon’s group rode 54.7 miles, under 3 hours at an average of 19.4mph. Also no mechanicals.

2013-10-06 10.58.35

2013-10-06 08.59.42

2013-10-06 10.58.40

2013-10-06 09.01.07

2013-10-06 11.28.20

2013-10-06 11.28.21

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