Cyclocross ‘Conference/coaching/coursebuilding day’ coming up Spetember 9

Had a call from my old Kiwi mate Dave P last night from the Central CX league telling me of a day for course organisers/racers/coaches and marshalls on September 9(the weekend after our Hill Climb). He encouraged me to get the word out that the day wasn’t simply for the organisers, but for anyone interested in CX generally and to try to get a gang together from the club to get into the swing of the whole CX season.

We’re really hoping to leave our mark on the Central league this year, with various club members (Druce, Middletown et al) all expressing interest in having the orange bird (Phoenix) flaming about the various courses throughout the winter season. It’s really lots of fun and at just on an hour for a race, it’s not going to dominate your whole day by any stretch of the imagination.


So, check out the link  and let Dunko know if you’d like a trip up for some racing/coaching/marshall training etc. I reckon it’s going to be a nice day out and will get the ball rolling for the season!

And don’t forget our CX is on December 2!

Remember, let Dunko know if you’re interested:)

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