Cyclocross at Culham this weekend!

Round 10 of the Central CX league is on at Culham this weekend and needs our help. It’s been moved to Culham at the last minute and I’ve offered to try to get as many of us as I can to help with setup on Saturday from 1PM. it will just be a matter of banging stakes in to mark the course- the taping is usually reserved for Sunday mornings to it doesn’t get blown about during the night.

So, if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare on Saturday- Mike and Laura, Sam, Nick are coming so far- drop me a line and if you need a ride over, I can organise that too.

I also think they’re seeking anyone who wants to help as opposed to race on Sunday to lend a hand.

And don’t forget that Online Entry for Sunday’s race closes at Midnight tonight…

Round 11 in the Central league is a non point scoring affair, but there’s a club/team event where the best 4 riders per club/team will score points on the day. If there’s a few of us, I’ll get the school bus and we’ll take a roadtrip to Hitchin (90 mins), so let me know.

See you on the weekend at Culham!


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