Cracking day at Culham CX!

There was much praise for the efforts of all the DPCC club members who put the course up at Culham for today’s race. Mick, Nick, Sam, Mitch, Laura and Mike, Will, Tom, Dunko and Big Neil went on over and got stuck in. Big Up to Tom who has put in some decent hours this year even though he’s not part of our motley CX posse.

The race went well today- Will, Mike and Laura (who won their respective novice events), Neil, Simon Hudson, El Capitane, Slimline Morris (someone’s a bit lean and hungry this year!), Ian Middlepeg and Pete Warwick all laid down the power on the course that may host our race come next year.

Thanks also to Mick Fountain who again came on over to help with the scoring, Mitch and Phil who heckled Dunko on the tannoy and Steve Warwick who looked on and cheered the boys and gals on.

We’ve scored lots of Brownie points this weekend for what they’re worth and showed how many great members we have yet again


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