Cowley Cyclocross – Sunday 15th September

Thanks to Pete Warwick for a few notes regarding yesterdays Cyclocross held at Cowley in Oxford.

Summer can’t be over because I got stung by about 4 wasps!

DPCC were represented by Nick D, Mitch, Steve W and Me. Also good to see simon H who is now riding for Oxford City.

Another gentlemanly start followed by the usual Cowley queue. Mitch assume the lead of the didcot quartet. I did my best to follow him but could close to closer than 50 m for about 3 laps. With 2 laps to go Mitch slowed, but Nick D sped up. I spent the last two laps duking it out with Nick. I made my run for it but Nick nipped past me at the end to claim first Didcot rider in 57th place. I was 58th. I think mitch was a couple of places back. Steve was 75th and I think Simon H was 48th.

The horrid weather didn’t arrive, so all was well!


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