Circuit Race – Weston on the Green – results

Hi All,

What a great night we had yesterday, with 6 Didcot Phoenix riders taking part in the first circuit race held at Weston on the Green.  Once again, Bicester Millennium put on a fantastic event and the weather held off for perfect racing conditions.

Didcot Phoenix had a brilliant result, with Dan Aitkins finishing 2nd and Mike Cooper making the top 10 in 9th place.  Just behind Zac Purchase finished in 11th, with Nick Druce, Martin “Stan” Stanley and Sam Dorkings coming home with the bunch.

We may have placed riders even higher, but confusion caused on the penultimate due to a crash meant the finish was neutralised and an additional lap was included in order to decide the race.  Mike just managed to avoid the incident and Dan ran off onto the grass as we cycled into the first corner of the last lap.  Riders were scattered over the tarmac, but all of the DPCC team made it through safely.

As the opening sprint commenced, Mike, Zac and Dan were all ideally placed for the “first” finish, only for the race to be stopped so that we could avoid a rider who was still on the floor.  At this point the race was on again and following a slow first sector, the pace picked up ready for the sprint finish.  Mike went first for Didcot Phoenix, perhaps a little early, as he was then passed by Dan and the eventual race winner.

It was the first circuit race for many of the riders and we all had a great night of racing!

The result should mean that Dan has enough points for his 3rd Cat licence, which makes two Didcot Riders this year.

Provisional result:
1 – 19 James Waters GS Henley
2 – 15 Daniel Atkins Didcot Phoenix
3 – 9 Andrew Ruane Zappis CC
4 – 22 Gavin Howell BMCC
5 – 7 David Mills Zappis CC
6 – 43 Tom Maloy LBRCC
7 – 23 Stephen Tearne Cowley Road Condors
8 – 25 Tom Perry 45 Road Club
9  – 11 Michael Cooper Didcot Phoenix
10  – 4 Phil Ross BMCC
11 – 13 Zac Purchase-Hill Didcot Phoenix
12 – 16 Ian Murray VC10
13 – 47 Thomas Sweet Team MK
14 – 5 Ian Howell BMCC

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