Brightwell TT results – 11th April

Battle of the Titans: Course record falls twice!

Alex Bradley (CRC) stomped round the Brightwell course (featuring Wally’s finest roundabouts) in a course record of 21m03s, scrubbing Richard Gildea’s time from the books.

The ink was only just drying when John Hale (WORX) monstered (yes it’s a word, look it up) the course with a stupidly fast 20m59s. The mind boggles.

Polly Weasel (Born to Bike) took the honours with a 26m35s with Victoria Lawson pipping Alison Vessey by 5s for 2nd place.

Steve Avery won the prize for the bike with most wheels on a snazzy red trike. Well done to our TT first timers too…careful now, it’s a bit addictive.

Thanks to Steve Reeves for hauling the box about, Harri James for faffing with signs, Martin Stanley for shoving off and Henry Latimer for start TKing.

Next week it’s Stadders on roadbikes, see you there! Give us a shout if you can volunteer.


Photos on flickr here

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