Ben Owen Memorial TT – Thursday 23rd June

Congratulations to Fairly United CT and Zappi’s Ladies for winning their respective Ben Owen trophies at this years event.  It was a great evening in Stadhampton!

Team of 4 From 5
Fairly United CT 1 (Men’s winners) 1:29:14
Newbury RC Men 1:32:58
DPCC Men 1:33:30
BMCC 1:35:31
Fairly United CT 2 1:36:42
Oxonian CC 1:38:23
Abingdon Freewhs Men 1:40:29
Cowley Rd Condors Men 1:42:46
Newbury RC Mixed 1:43:15
Zappi’s Ladies 1  (Ladies’ winners) 1:43:16
Outdoor Traders Men 1:46:39
Outdoor Traders Mixed 1:49:09
Cowley Rd Condors Ladies 1:51:02
DPCC Ladies 1:52:02
Abingdon Freewhs Ladies 1:57:13
Zappi’s Ladies 2 1:59:48

Full results can be found via Mick Fountain’s website here:

Many thanks to Ron Smith for organizing the event, plus everyone else who once again ensured the event was a tremendous success.

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