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Sunday 12th May – Club Run roundup

Hi All,

I’m writing this email from the comfort of my sofa and with a slight drizzle coming down outside, its satisfying to know that the Sunday club runs clocked up over 100 miles in fantastic sunshine this morning!  Two rides left the Broadway, with the men’s ride (approx 60 miles) heading over to Brill Hill and back and the ladies ride (approx 40 miles) cycling out to Lambourne (via Blowingstone Hill) and back.  Over 30 cyclists out enjoying plenty of miles and warm weather across Oxfordshire.  Cake were well earned today 🙂

Some comments from Laura who led the ladies ride:

“Fantastic Ladies Club Ride today. Route planned yesterday with a little help (!?!) from Mike. 8 of us out, doing a 40 mile loop. 30 miles to the cafe at Letcombe Regis (wow) and an easy 10 back with the wind behind us”.

“The 30 heading out was into wind and a wee bit hilly…..But we all made it to the top of Blowingstone Hill :-)

Next Ladies Ride will be Sunday 9th June

Some comments from Ron, who led the mens ride:

“Complementing the large ladies’ turnout, 22 of us left Broadway. Also doing a ~30 mile outward route, our destination was Waterperry Gardens. And also tackling a significant climb – ours being Brill Hill from Oakley – as well as a few minor ones, namely heading out of Chiselhampton and up to Cuddesdon. But we had the wind on our backs for most of the way there, and by the time we reached the cafe the sun had come out, meaning we could sit outside in the warmth while “refuelling” for the homeward journey”.“Heading back to Didcot we first took in Wheatley, Great Milton, the Haseleys, and Stadhampton. Then, to avoid retracing our outward route, we turned off through Newington, Warborough and Shellingford – where there was a brief break in the group as half of us got caught by the traffic lights. Regrouping a few minutes later, we took the back roads route for the final 10 miles or so – heading straight through Wallingford town centre and out to the Hithercroft roundabout to pick up the road to South Moreton”.

Stats: just over 56 miles in 3 hours 22 minutes, meaning an average of a shade under 17mph”.

The past few weeks have also seen some great conditions for racing and time trials with a number of club members making PBs on the Tring TT course.  In addition, club members have been out road racing, Audaxing and generally enjoying the warm weather and Bank Holiday weekend.

Some dates for your diary:

10 Mile Cup – Thursday 30th May
Come and race on the fast H10/17R TT course to see if you are the quickest DPCC club rider

Barbury Bash – Sunday – 30th June
A little further off, but one of the clubs premier events throughout the cycling season.  The “Barbury Bash” is an Audax that Didcot Phoenix run annually and this year we are planning 3 routes with distances of 110 km, 160 km and 210 km.

As ever, to ensure the Audax is a success we are looking for volunteers to help run the event.  The starting point is the Methodist Church in Milton, but we need staff to look after each of the checkpoints on route.  This is very undemanding work that will hopefully be no more than sitting out in the sun watching the riders go past.  You will not have to give up a whole day and timings can be arranged to suit the needs of individuals.

If people are able to help please could they let Ian Middleton know.

Best regards,


Provisional Results – 2nd May CC241

Hi All,

Here are the provisional results from last night, the CC241 10mile TT at Fairmile.

Conditions were excellent with light winds and warm temperatures, so it was great to see some fantastic times being recorded.

The TT season is well underway and Mick is logging the times for Didcot Phoenix club members on his two trophy tables; the Castle Points series which awards points for the best improver on the night and the Scratch Points series, which gives points for the top 5 DPCC riders.  Links to the points tables are below.

Castle Trophy Points

Scratch Points

Before I leave you with the results, please remember that each TT requires voluteers to ensure the event runs and next week were are short of a Finish Time keeper.  You can volunteer via the website, so please sign up ASAP to ensure the event can run!

See you soon,

Mike Cooper, DPCC Social Sec
Steve Rowe, Time Trial Sec

Course CC241 – 10mile Fairmile TT
Date 02/05/2013
Start TK Robert Briggs
End TK Mark Scanlan
Pusher Martin Stanley
Conditions 15degrees / Wind NE at 6kts/6.9mph
Position Name   Club Total Time
1 Rob Gray RAF CC 22:13
2 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 22:40
3 Ron Smith DPCC 22:41
4 Steve Mead DPCC 22:55
5 Nick Druce DPCC 22:58
6 Mike Cooper DPCC 23:03
7 Simon McGowan DPCC 23:18
8 Mark Rickinson Oxonian CC 23:19
9 Neil Morris DPCC 23:51
10 Tom Sefton PPV 24:05
11 Pete Tantrum DPCC 24:14
12 Oliver Clark DPCC 24:44
13 Matt Williams RAF CC 25:01
14 Adam Gardner GS Henley 25:10
15 Sam Dorkins DPCC 25:14
16 Jake Smith 25:31
17 Iain Kent DPCC 25:35
18 Ross Bentley-Davies DPCC 26:20
19 Andy Black DPCC 26:49
20 Simon Evans DPCC 26:55
21 William Annells DPCC 27:00
22 Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum DPCC 27:20
23 Patrick Swain DPCC 27:40
24 Laura Cooper DPCC 27:48
25 Kevin Stopps DPCC 28:13
26 Keri Panton DPCC 28:25
27 Giles Clark DPCC 28:45
28 Darren Addison DPCC 28:48
29 Jack Constant DPCC 29:28
30 Mick Fountain DPCC 30:03
31 Richard Abbot DPCC DNF

Sunday Ride 13th January 2013 – We have a new Champion!

Another great turnout this morning. Alongside the 7 ladies who set out on their own ride, described in a separate thread, 13 blokes braved the elements (so a total turnout of 20!) and set out for the epic ride up to Stokenchurch, the outskirts of which hosted the 2013 DPCC Freewheel Competition.

Firstly, for the record, it was cold. Bloody cold. But at least it was very dry, meaning that although there were occasional frozen puddles at the verges, the roads themselves were ice free and perfectly safe. Which was good. And there was practically no wind. Which was also good.

Steve Luck, as double-defending champion had chosen the hill, and – going for a hat-trick of wins – tried to thin out the competition by selecting a course quite some distance away. The route was fairly straightforward, although definitely not flat, taking in Clifton Hampden, Stadhampton and Chalgrove – turning off just before Cuxham to pick up the A40, which we stayed on as we climbed all the way up to Stokenchurch. Ascent over, it was now time for the descent. So starting on the A40 at its junction with Old Dashwood Hill at Studley Green we coasted the almost 2.5 tricep-straining, finger-numbing, toe-freezing miles down to the outskirts of West Wycombe. Cracking choice of hill, Steve! :P

Stan receiving a handshake from last years winner, Steve Luck

Going off first, and turning out to be the eventual winner, was Martin (call me “Stan”) Stanley. But the suspense held all the way to the final riders as Mike Cooper – going off third last – actually toppled over (into Stan) . But crucially (eventhough he was riding his long wheelbase commuting bike) was a tyre-width short of Stan’s mark! Third in the competition was Tom Gray, a couple of bike lengths further back; with Steve Luck in fourth.

Congratulations Stan – hope to see you at the Awards Evening in a couple of weeks where the Cup will be presented.

From there it was literally 50 yards round the corner to the cafe in West Wycombe Garden Centre. They were very obliging in letting us take our bikes through the centre so that we could store them safely round the back. Although Robert Briggs did get a bit worried here when he realised he was parking his vintage Raleigh outside the Antiques store… :lol:


For the route home we headed through Turville to Watlington, picking up the return leg of the CC118 10 mile course, turning off at Cuxham once more to pass through Ewelme, Benson and Wallingford.

By my computer we did 55.9 miles in 3 hours 26½ minutes, at an average speed of 16.25 miles (obviously, this would have been MUCH higher if we’d been able to pedal down the bloomin’ hill!).

2013 Awards Evening – 26th Jan, The Bear at North Moreton

Hi All,

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year and 2013!  One final trophy of the year is yet to be won and we will announce details of the free wheel competition in the coming weeks.

However, it is time to start submitting your cheques and meal choices for the annual Didcot Phoenix Awards Evening, held at the Bear in North Moreton.

Please submit your menu choices to and put a cheque for £25 in the post using the address below:

Date: Saturday 26th January

Venue: The Bear at Home, North Moreton

Time: Arrive at 7PM

£25 cheques payable to Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club – sent to 9 Tollgate Road, Culham, OXON, OX14 4NL
Menu choices –


Deepfried whitebait with crusty bread
Ardennes Pate with toast & onion marmalade
Leek & Potato soup with crusty bread


Grilled Salmon fillet, tarragon sauce, new potatoes & fresh vegetables
Beef Bourguignon with new potatoes & fresh vegetables
Chicken breast stuffed with brie & sundried tomato, sauté potatoes & fresh vegetables
Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff, rice & fresh vegetables (V)


Bread & Butter Pudding
Mars Bar Cheesecake
Crème Brulee

Super Mac wins Christmas Cup!

Super Simon Macgowan came home quickest when the lord of all things to do with adjusted times etc (Mick), had calculated times vs age after the Xmas cup run at Stadhampton yesterday. Simon said that it’s the first time he’s won anything since he was 5 at a kids birthday party (he forgets winning the love of his lovely wife and the admiration of his 2 up partner).
He has Pete Annells to thank as he missed the start (we’ve all done it at Stadders), and left last, so the flooded road and the tail wind was probably helping him the most in the end.
We also had some old friends in the field of 14- Llewylen (who’s now racing in Belgum and France), JP and JP senior (who went to Fairmile first), and another nice gentleman who I’ll namecheck when I can look at the sign on sheet.
Conditions were ok- chilly and there was a little water across the road in Cuxham, and a tidy tailwind on the way back as a late xmas gift from TT Santa.

So big up to Simon- I have a feeling we’ll be seeing his name on a number of the club trophies over the coming years.

And a quick reminder….
“With not long until the club dinner, it is time to claim trophies, standards and records for the 2012 season. Records and standard claims need to be backed up with evidence from either a CTT open results sheet or Didcot Phoenix club TT date. Details of trophy competitions, standard times and records are on the website. For clarification on claiming trophies etc. or to make your claim please email All claims must be received by Sunday 6th Jan for consideration by committee on 7th January 2013.
2011 trophy winners are reminded that their trophies need to be returned and they can email the same address to arrange collection.”



Timekeeper Pete Annells
Pusher Duncan

No. Rider Club Time Handicap
09 Llewellyn Kinch Terra Footwear 22:17
12 Steve Wright OCRC 24:06
10 Simon McGowan DPCC 26:08 6:36 Trophy Winner
11 Paul Allday OCRC 26:32
04 Neil Morris DPCC 26:42 7:10
14 Pete Warwick DPCC 28:21 9:03
13 Steve Warwick DPCC 28:30 8:42
03 Phill Stacey DPCC 29:03 10:36
02 Tom Sefton PPV 29:27
07 Brian Charleston DPCC 29:50
01 Patrick Swain DPCC 30:12 10:40
05 William Annells DPCC 30:17 9:47
06 Alan Shuttleworth Altrincham RC 31:34
08 Mick Fountain DPCC 34:25 11:26

2013 Award Evening – Trophy, standards and records claims

“With not long until the club dinner, it is time to claim trophies, standards and records for the 2012 season. Records and standard claims need to be backed up with evidence from either a CTT open results sheet or Didcot Phoenix club TT date. Details of trophy competitions, standard times and records are on the website. For clarification on claiming trophies etc. or to make your claim please email All claims must be received by Sunday 6th Jan for consideration by committee on 7th January 2013.
2011 trophy winners are reminded that their trophies need to be returned and they can email the same address to arrange collection.”

Rocket Ron is Club 10 Champion 2012!

Last Thursday saw the Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club race on the H10/17r course, on the A420 near Southmoor.  Conditions were dry with a slight tail wind blowing across the course, perfect for a fast run out to Tubney.

All riders completed the course, with many beating or very close to their personal bests.

The race was won by Ron Smith, 19 seconds ahead of last years winner, Neil Ashcroft.

The trophy was presented on the night.

10 Ron Smith DPCC 22:02
8 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 22:21
3 Nick Druce DPCC 22:32
7 Pete Tantrum DPCC 22:44
13 Mike Cooper DPCC 22:44
9 Mark Harvey DPCC 22:56
2 Duncan O’Reill DPCC 22:58
17 Simon McGowan DPCC 23:20
6 Dave Rodger DPCC 23:22
11 Pete Warwick DPCC 23:37
5 Steve Rowe DPCC 23:50
16 Neil Morris DPCC 23:51
20 Iain Kent DPCC 25:05
14 Matt Chambers DPCC 25:06
15 Steve Warwick DPCC 25:27
18 Kevin Stopps DPCC 26:42
4 Zoe Tantrum DPCC 27:24
12 Laura Cooper DPCC 27:25
1 Mick Fountain DPCC 27:43
19 Ian Hillsdon DPCC 28:21

Club 10 Mile Championships Preveiw…

It’s been a mixed season conditions wise so far, but the quick times on Fairmile this week will hopefully hold out for this coming Thursday which would lead to some exciting performances and blistering new PB’s.

Vying for the 10 mile cup will Be Rocket Ron McSklonney-Smith, Neil Ashcroft, Mark Harvey, Pete Tantrum, Nick Druce, Mike Cooper, Ian McMiddleton and Dave Rodger.

The second teir of riders whi will be mixing it up includes Stevie Rowe, Simmo McGowan, Big Neil Morris, Dunca O’Reilly, Andy Harrison, Phil Stacey, Pete Warwich, Robbo Briggs although look for a dark horse from this group for a sneaky top 10.

It should be a hot contest between our TT queens with Laura and Zoe for the ladies TT crown.

Lets cross our fingers and our toes for a not too warm but calm day- the longish range forecast is promising at this stage with showers clearing and the wind dropping.

Helpers who have committed to run the night are Marion Fountain, Phil Brown (who some may remember from his pre-paternal days) and Mark Scanlan so far. We could do with one more volunteer as the start and finish are separated on Southmoor. Many thanks to you guys in advance. It gives me a chance to ride!

Good luck and may you all record your best times ever.




Annual Awards Dinner – With Flavio Zappi as guest speaker!

Title: Annual Awards Dinner
Location: The Bear at Home, North Moreton
Description: It’s the clubs Annual Awards Dinner, with Flavio Zappi as guest speaker!
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-01-28

Once again it is time to take bookings for the club’s Annual Awards Evening, which is scheduled at the Bear in North Moreton on the 28th January 2012.  This year we have Flavio Zappi as our guest speaker and for those who don’t know him, Flavio is an Italian ex-pro cyclist who currently runs Zappi’s Cycling club in Oxford and continues to participate in road races throughout the UK.

Please can all trophy holders please return their cups and shields to Alan Allcock as soon as possible, ready for the engraving and presentation of this years honours.

Venue: The Bear at Home, North Moreton

Time: 19:00 (to eat at 19:30)

Cost: £23 (3 cources including service charge)

Menu and payment details

See you there!


[Additionally, if you wish to make an award claim, please email the following people by Friday 23rd December:


CC:, CC:]