2Up TT on Thursday!

Next Thursday (28th) is the 2 up time trial on Sires Hill course, so start thinking about finding a partner to drag you round / you drag them round / work together to get a faster time (delete as appropriate!!)

Also after the TT myself and Mike would like you all to join us for a pre-wedding drink – we’ll probably try to go to The Red Lion pub in Brightwell, I am sure they will serve you food if you wish but I’m not actually organising anything as I’ve got a bit too much going on at the moment!!!

Anyway, hope lots of you will make the 2 up – its a good social event – and join us afterwards

Laura (a.k.a. Mrs Cooper – in 9 days!!!!)

Club Kit – Next order by 22nd August

If anyone would like to purchase some Club Kit, please contact our clothing officer by August 22nd. Dave Rodger will be placing an order towards the end of August, ready for kit to be available for the autumn/winter season.

We hope to have some Endura samples available for sizing shortly. Dave will bring them along on a Thursday evening, but in the meantime you can check Endura sizes out in various cycling shops.

Please use the links to view the catalogue and DPCC order form 2011 (August PDF).

If you want to make an order, please contact Dave:


End of TT Season Supper – 18th August

Hi All,

Unfortunately the end of our TT season is quickly approaching…”What”, I hear you cry, “the summer has only just started!” Well, to celebrate the end of the season we are holding our annual End of Season Supper at the Red Lion in Cholsey. The pub is booked from 8:30PM immediately after the Cholsey Hill TT on the 18th August.

Venue: The Red Lion at Cholsey
Date: 18th August
Time: 8:30PM.
Cost: £10 per person (includes tip)

The pub are putting on two menu choices; either pasta or curry. Please send a cheque and your food preference to Ian Middleton by the 11th August. All cheques should made payable to DPCC and sent to the address below:

4 Isis Close
OX14 3TA
01235 520939

For further details please email meals@didcotphoenix.co.uk

See you on the 18th!

9Up TT at Bicester – Tuesday 26th July

Hi All,

Bicester Millennium are hosting their 9Up Team Time Trial again this year, to be run on the Weston-on-the Green course on Tuesday July 26th. DPCC have been invited to include one team, so now is the time to train hard and prepare for the event!

If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Nick Druce via the forum.

Additionally, we will be having a practice session at Dalton Barracks next week – Tuesday 19th July.

Current Team:
Steve Luck
Nick Druce
Phil Stacey
…who else is available?!

Thanks, Mike

A quick night on Fairmile

Last night DPCC returned to the Fairmile course where conditions were perfect for a quick 10; warm, dry and a slight crosswind. The time trial was won by Fairly United’s Mark Cox, with Mike Cooper leading home the Didcot riders. Competition was close between the top three Didcot riders, split by just 4 seconds! Next week we’re back to the Cholsey hilly course, but remember it’s the club 25 this weekend.

The 25 starts at 08:01 on Sunday on H25/17


Results from 30/6/2011 – CC241 Fairmile 10:

Results of Club 10 CC241 30th June 2011

Start TK : Ron Smith
Pusher: Phil Brown
Finish TK: Mark Scanlan
No. Taker: Mick Fountain (part time)

19 Mark Cox Fairly United 21:45
31 John Wager Felt 22:06
04 Mike Cooper DPCC 22.42
11 Pete Tantrum DPCC 22:44
03 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 22:46
05 Howard Waller OCRC 22:55
06 Ed Headford RAF CC 23:05
08 Pete Warwick DPCC 24:03
07 Dave Rodger DPCC 24:05
26 Neil Summers Try It 24:07
15 Andy Harrison DPCC 24:09
24 Stan Maciak DPCC 24:16
12 Robert Briggs DPCC 24:25
21 Steve Rowe DPCC 24:38
16 Phill Stacey DPCC 24:41
27 Simon McGowan DPCC 25:04
29 Max Brown DPCC 25:17
28 Neil Morris DPCC 25:21
17 Adam Gardner DPCC 25:27
20 Matt Shepherd DPCC 25:41
30 Matt Chambers DPCC 26:02
09 Patrick Swain DPCC 26:18
18 Mitch Purvis DPCC 26:22
02 Mick Fountain DPCC 26:54
25 Oliver Clark DPCC 27:04
10 R Bentley-Davies DPCC 27:13
22 Darren Addison DPCC 28:02
13 Alistair MacVarish
Juliet Millward HW CC 28:12 2up
01 Derek Collett Try It 29:38
23 Sarah Mead DPCC 31:08

Ben Owen Memorial Club Time Trial – Thursday 23rd July

Well done to all riders who took part in the Ben Owen Memorial Time trial last night, an event which saw Oxford City win with a convincing margin!  Reading CC were second, with Didcot Phoenix A completing the podium in third place.

Pos Club Time
1 Oxford City A 1.29.01
2 Reading 1.31.17
3 Didcot Phoenix A 1.31.26

Results can be seen here.

Many thanks to both DPCC teams and to all of the volunteers who helped ensure the event was run perfectly!


This Thursday DPCC hosts our annual Ben Owen Memorial time trial which will be run on the Stadhampton CC118 course.  Invitations have been sent out to  a number of local clubs with all proceeds going to Leukaemia Research.  Details of the event can be found below:

Headquarters – Open from 18:00
Chalgrove community hall, Highstreet, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, OX44 7ST
1)       There will be no parking at the HQ for competitors. The limited space available will be used by the organisers. There is parking available near Stadhampton Village Green. Please park considerately in Chalgrove Village.
2)       We aim to have the presentations at 9 pm. Please come back to the HQ for tea and cake at the completion of your ride.
3)       Forms for junior riders will be available at the HQ
The event will be using the course CC118a. Details of this are available on the London West Website and will be available at the HQ  

District regulations applicable to all events

LWDC 4 No vehicles, except those of the timekeepers’, shall be parked at the start or finish

LWDC 5 All breaches of Local Regulations shall be reported in writing to the London West District Secretary.


Negotiating Roundabouts – Give priority to traffic from your right

Signal clearly to other road users the course you intend to to take

Safety – not your performance – is the first priority.

CTT regulations require competitors under 18 years of age to wear a helmet of hard /soft shell construction and recommends the use helmets by all other competitors.

Stan wins National 50 Championship (65-69 age group)!

With a time of 2:07:56, DPCC rider Stan Maciak won the National 50 Mile TT Championship yesterday in his age category. The race was held on the H50/8 course at Bentley and was hosted by the Charlotteville CC club, who were celebrating the centenary of their open ’50’.

The men’s senior race was won by Michael Hutchinson (In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT) with a time of 1:41:28.

Also cycling for DPCC were Phil Brown (01:57:09) and Mick Fountain (02:29:18).

Racing in Belgium

Over the half term we planned a holiday to Northern France and, as I’ve heard a lot about racing in Belgium, I managed to persuade my parents to make a trip over the border and have a go!

There really was a huge choice of races to choose from-8 junior-only races over the weekend all over the small country!
Conveniently, there was one in Rekkem on the 4th June right on the French border.

The Belgian way of signing on to a race is incredibly easy and fast, on your first race you have to pay an extra 5€ to get a card which they scan into a computer to enter you in the race. After that you can just turn up to any race, pay 3.20€ (I think), scan your card and off you go! No pre-entry, no limited fields and very cheap! It was a baking hot day- 32 degrees according to the car, so I raced in one layer only to try and keep cool. We seemed to have some sort of rolling road closure so there was no neutralized section at the start and it went off incredibly fast from the gun. This came as a bit of a shock to the system! I started nearish to the front and managed to maintained that position for the first lap. I was hurting a bit from the fast pace but, judging from everyone’s faces, I wasn’t the only one!

However, I noticed that my rear derailleur was making a clicking noise if I went on to my two bigger sprockets. Also, if I tried to accelerate my chain would slip causing my legs to fall fast on the pedals and me to wobble slightly! With this happening I could not accelerate to keep up with the vast amount of attacks coming in, especially out of corners just after the pace slowed a bit. I found myself gradually sliding down the bunch and eventually, after about 4 laps (out of 14) the bunch was out of reach.

It was a shame for this to happen but I still had a good time and will hopefully go back again sometime with knowledge of how the race will start-very fast!

If anyone is curious about cycling in Belgium (Flanders, the Northern part, to be specific) visit this website:

http://new.wiebovlaanderen.be/COMPETITI … Competitie

You should find everything you need to know about racing, touring etc.

Thanks for reading!


Social Go(Pub)Ride – Next Friday (17th June)

Hi all,

Message from your Social Secretary 🙂

Next Friday we are planning a social ride out to a local pub. It will be a casual affair with a few steady miles and a central location to meet at the end of it. More details will follow, but please log onto the forum or add comments to this post if you are interested.

Time: 18:30 start
End: 8PM in Pub
* Times may change with following details.

Note, this will not be a long club run, but a chance to ride out to a pub and enjoy a summers evening pint!
PS – Please drink responsibly 🙂