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TT: Road bike points competition

Some of you may have noticed that with the start of the new club TT season we are trialling a new road bike points competition alongside the usual scratch points competition. We don’t currently have a trophy for this competition, but the club committee may choose to award one if there is sufficient interest in the competition over the course of the season.

Points will be awarded in a similar manner as for the scratch points competition, however, only people riding standard road bikes will be eligible:

In the club time trial series, points are awarded for finishing position, 5 points for first, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 2 for 4th and 1 point for fifth. Best 14 scores to count.

Eligibility will be assessed by the start time keeper who will record on the start sheet which riders were on road bikes. Please make a note on the signing-on sheet if you think you are eligible as this will aid our bookkeeping. Criteria are the same as used for the annual non-aero/road bike TT.


  • Aero/tribars
  • Disk wheels and trispokes
  • Time trial specific aero helmets


  • Aero road helmets (i.e. would be road race legal)
  • Deep rim wheels
  • Skinsuits
  • Mudguards
  • Panniers

The current standings can be found in the club time trial results database. The results for each event will include a note of which riders were on road bikes, which will help comparison with riders on similar equipment. Thanks to Simon McGowan for the necessary updates to the database.

Antelope 3-UP TT Results

Not a bad day at the Office for DPCC in the Antelope 50km 3-up team time trial. Firstly club lady Lucy Austin, Karla Boddy (Corley cycles), Suzy Robinson (VC10) formed a composite team to win the Ladies prize! And in the mens standings, Simon Kelly, Paul Demicoli and Simon Evans, rode solidly on a mix of TT and road bikes. And finally Richard Gildea, Harri James and Martin Stanley, were just 6 minutes off 1st place (to national level riders), but did find themselves on 2nd step of the podium.

2017 - Antelope 3-UP TTT

Stadhampton non-Aero TT results – 20th April

Congrats to Richard Gildea on the win in 23m04s, Giles Clark (Vision Innovative Leisure RT) for clocking 23m32s taking 2nd spot, and to Chris Boddy (Cowley Road Condors) coming 3rd in 23m34s.

Many thanks to the helpers/time keepers: Paul Demicoli, Gwyneth Seigel, Kevin Stopps, Henry Latimer, Steve Warwick and to Dan Atkins for putting the signs out. Next week the TT is on the Sires Hill course.

Aero Night | 12 April

Such excitement here at DPCC HQ. Hot on the heels of Swish and Chips (which didn’t suffer at all from being Swish and Pizza in the end), we’re pleased and proud to present: Aero Night.

Join us on April 12 from 6 pm for an evening at Mountain Mania Cycles in Didcot to eat the metric ton of aerated chocolate I’ve currently got in my car boot, enjoy your club discount, and hear from our two guest speakers (from about 7 ish): Mark Harvey from Take3 will talk about bike fit, and Xavier Disley founder of Aerocoach will talk about taking aero even further.

Elbows in, people!

Richard Harrison invited to ride for drag2zero

Good news! Becoming the fastest Didcot Phoenix rider called Richard has become fractionally easier, as Richard Harrison has been invited to ride amongst the great and the good at drag2zero. He remains the holder of the DPCC 10-mile TT record, with a storming 18:56 achieved on the V718 course last year.

We wish him all the best with his new team. Pop back and see us some Thursday night on the A420, won’t you Rich? We’ll be in the usual lay-by.