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Final chance for club 25 champs entry!

another friendly (final) reminder to get your entry sent off for the club championship 25m event out on the A420 piggybacking the Oxonian open event.

Here’s the link to the entry details

If you’re like me and haven’t got around to posting off your entry, pop a cheque for ¬£8 and fill in the entry form available for Open events on the CTT website.

I think the general consensus last night at the BO was that I the entry arrives before Tuesday you should be ok.

See you at Fairmile on Thursday.

Ben Owen post to come tonight. Well done to riders(even those who didn’t make it past the roundabout), and massive thanks to all those who helped!


Cholsey Hilly TT – Thursday 7th June

Well done to all riders and particularly our volunteers for turning up on a wet and windy evening last Thursday, as the TT season continued with mixed weather conditions.

Results can be found below.

Remember we need volunteers to keep these events running, even when the weather is poor!¬† If you haven’t helped out this season, now is the time to speak to Dunc and book your slot!¬† All necessary training will be given before the event.

Result of Club 10 mile TT 7 June 2012 on cc243.

Start TK Nick Druce
Pusher Neil Morris
Finish TK Ian Middleton
Number taker. Duncan O’Reilly

7 Robin Wilmott GA Cycles 24:19
5 Robert Briggs DPCC 25:59
4 Phillip Stacey DPCC 26:06
6 Oliver Clark DPCC 27:09
3 Mitch Purvis DPCC 27:13
1 Mick Fountain DPCC 32:01
2 William Annells DPCC 36:06 Extra distance off course

Rocket Ron is Club 10 Champion 2012!

Last Thursday saw the Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club race on the H10/17r course, on the A420 near Southmoor.  Conditions were dry with a slight tail wind blowing across the course, perfect for a fast run out to Tubney.

All riders completed the course, with many beating or very close to their personal bests.

The race was won by Ron Smith, 19 seconds ahead of last years winner, Neil Ashcroft.

The trophy was presented on the night.

10 Ron Smith DPCC 22:02
8 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 22:21
3 Nick Druce DPCC 22:32
7 Pete Tantrum DPCC 22:44
13 Mike Cooper DPCC 22:44
9 Mark Harvey DPCC 22:56
2 Duncan O’Reill DPCC 22:58
17 Simon McGowan DPCC 23:20
6 Dave Rodger DPCC 23:22
11 Pete Warwick DPCC 23:37
5 Steve Rowe DPCC 23:50
16 Neil Morris DPCC 23:51
20 Iain Kent DPCC 25:05
14 Matt Chambers DPCC 25:06
15 Steve Warwick DPCC 25:27
18 Kevin Stopps DPCC 26:42
4 Zoe Tantrum DPCC 27:24
12 Laura Cooper DPCC 27:25
1 Mick Fountain DPCC 27:43
19 Ian Hillsdon DPCC 28:21

Club 10 Mile Championships Preveiw…

It’s been a mixed season conditions wise so far, but the quick times on Fairmile this week will hopefully hold out for this coming Thursday which would lead to some exciting performances and blistering new PB’s.

Vying for the 10 mile cup will Be Rocket Ron McSklonney-Smith, Neil Ashcroft, Mark Harvey, Pete Tantrum, Nick Druce, Mike Cooper, Ian McMiddleton and Dave Rodger.

The second teir of riders whi will be mixing it up includes Stevie Rowe, Simmo McGowan, Big Neil Morris, Dunca O’Reilly, Andy Harrison, Phil Stacey, Pete Warwich, Robbo Briggs although look for a dark horse from this group for a sneaky top 10.

It should be a hot contest between our TT queens with Laura and Zoe for the ladies TT crown.

Lets cross our fingers and our toes for a not too warm but calm day- the longish range forecast is promising at this stage with showers clearing and the wind dropping.

Helpers who have committed to run the night are Marion Fountain, Phil Brown (who some may remember from his pre-paternal days) and Mark Scanlan so far. We could do with one more volunteer as the start and finish are separated on Southmoor. Many thanks to you guys in advance. It gives me a chance to ride!

Good luck and may you all record your best times ever.




Club TT Fairmile 24.5.12

A bumper roll up of 39 saw some pretty fast conditions at Fairmile on Thursday.There were some great times which is promising the week before the Club 10 champs at Southmoor next week. Ronnie McSklonney Smith was first home for DPCC with his old nemisis from last year’s 10 mile champs Neil Ashcroft 15 seconds behind. Add the triumvurate of Tantrum, Druce and Cooper who interestingly all came in with exactly the same time and we’ve got a battle royale on our hands.

For the second teir who won’t necessarily be battling for the cup, there’s a gaggle of riders all nudging personal bests with Stevie Rowe, Simmo McGowan, Neil Morris, Phil Stacey and even Duncan O’Reilly looking to duck under 24 mins for the first time.

Fantastic new PB for new young club rider Will (I am) Annells on Uncle Pete’s bike, who was quite a proud finish line timekeeper on the night (thanks again Pete).

Train hard and taper well and See you at Southmoor next Thursday!!!

14 Mark Cox          FUCT  21:42
8 Steve Wright      OCRC  22:15
39 Ron Smith          DPCC  22:27
9 Neil Ashcroft      DPCC  22:42
17 Pete Tantrum      DPCC  23:11
26 Mike Cooper        DPCC  23:11
36 Nick Druce        DPCC  23:11
24 Ian Middleton      DPCC  24:06
7 Steve Rowe        DPCC  24:11
11 Dave Rodger        DPCC  24:13
30 Neil Morris        DPCC  24:22
35 Andy Clark        PTE    24:26
32 Matthew Hammersle  PTE    24:32
37 Simon McGowan      DPCC  24:36
29 Phill Stacey      DPCC  24:40
21 Pete Warwick      DPCC  24:42
22 Rob Briggs        DPCC  24:45
23 Andy Harrison      DPCC  25:13
31 Max Brown        Zappis  25:13
3 Chris Sharratt    RCC    25:31
28 Steve Warwick      DPCC  26:08
34 Jake Smith        DPCC  26:15
16 Mitch Purvis      DPCC  26:21
10 Oliver Clark      DPCC  26:35
2 Michael Coulson    DPCC  26:42
18 Ross Bentley-Davi  DPCC  26:51
38 Mark Scanlan      DPCC  26:52
6 Dennis McSweeney  OXO    26:57
20 Darren Addison    DPCC  27:00
12 Patrick Swain      DPCC  27:26
33 Kevin Stopps      DPCC  27:33
25 Ben Chuilon      Ox Tri  27:36
15 Laura Cooper      DPCC  27:44
4 William Annells    DPCC  28:14
5 Ian Hillsdon      DPCC  28:19
13 Matt Shepherd      AVTC  28:30
27 Stephen Jones      PTE    29:14
1 Mick Fountain      DPCC  32:06
19 Gareth Lockwood    PTE    DNF



Fairmile on Thursday

Hi All,

Finally the weather looks like it is getting warmer, so hopefully this will mean some quick times on the Fairmile course this Thursday – the 24th May.¬† The night is a designated “Come and Try It” event,¬† so we welcome all newcomers; come along and have a go at your first Time Trial of the season!

See you there,



20th May – H10/181 “Witney by-pass” Open organised by Sri Chinmoy Cycling Club

Hi all,

Today we saw one of biggest turn outs from DPCC at an open today: Laura, Zoe, Dave Rodger, Mike Cooper, Pete Annells, Alan Allcock, Nick Druce, Pete Tantrum and Phil.

It was another morning event on the Witney by-pass, cold as ususal but at least it wan’t raining!

There was a slight tailwind on the way out, but coming more from the side than behind. The course seemed to keep going up and then up, with several false tops, but I’m sure I travelled downhill eventually :) The head quarters was miles from the start line, so we drove down a lane nearer the A40, which meant you could safely warm up about 10 minutes from the start line.¬† As the start is on a dual carriage way, if you get to the start early, you simply get cold!

Results are here:

All the boys went under 24 minutes and Zoe and Laura were within seconds of each other.

Unfortunately Phil punctured just as he got to the start, but managed to get lift back to the HQ without too much hanging around fortunately.¬† We’re pretty sure with Phil’s time we would have won the team event!¬† Better luck next time.

See you at an Open soon, or the Halfords Tour Series on Tuesday!

Cheers, Mike (and Phil)

A mixed weekend for TT’s

On Saturday, 6 members of Didcot Phoenix (Mick, Zoe, Dave, Pete, Alan and PhilB) took part in the WLCA 10 on the Witney by-pass. It was cold and a little blowy, but the rain largely stayed away. A gaggle of us got kitted up in the car park at the HQ and then wended our separate ways to the start.

The wind seemed to be in a good direction, across the course in coming from the NE – so we were not massively hindered on the longer leg out, and on the way back there was the odd push to keep the speed up.

Zoe posted a very respectable time given the conditions and some pre-race nerves, not far off her first effort at the beginning of April in the OX City event.  Apart from Mick (who posted the same time as the week before), all of the boys went under 24 minutes.

Back at the HQ the consensus was that it was worth doing it, racing on the more difficult days will only make the better days more enjoyable when (if) they come.

Results here:

P.s. A big thank you to Mark Scanlan for promoting the event as well as the gaggle of DPCC members who took care of start timekeeping (Marion), pushing off (Phil R), the results (Mick), marshalling (Ron and Pete) and providing the tea and cake (Dave’s wife and daughter).

It was a different story for Sunday, as several events were cancelled due to horrific weather conditions.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for drier and sunnier conditions in the coming weeks.

Remember the club TTs return to Fairmile this Thursday.

Results from 8th April 2012 CC243

8th April 2012 CC243

Start Timekeeper: Mick Fountain
Pusher: Duncan O’Reilly & Iain Kent
Finish Timekeeper: Mick Fountain
Number Taker: Duncan O’Reilly & Iain Kent

010 Paul Lloyd Rides on Air 23:18
008 Ron Smith DPCC 24:05
009 Nick Druce DPCC 24:22
012 Neil Morris DPCC 26:12
006 Andy Harrison DPCC 26:15
005 Andrew Clark Private 26:23
007 Phill Stacey DPCC 26:31
004 Oliver Clark DPCC 27:20
002 Simon Hudson DPCC 27:52
001 Kevin Stopes DPCC 29:14
003 Kevin Wilkinson VC10 30:59
011 Steve Rowe DPCC DNF

To be published on TT results page shortly.