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Thursday 9th May – TT Results from CC118

This weeks time trial was held on the Stadhampton CC118 course on a really wet and windy evening.  5 hardy riders turned up to tackle the conditions, with Rob Gray (RAF) completing a highly respectable 23.10! Top DPCC rider was Phil Stacey, picking up the lead scratch points this week.

See you at for the Harwell Hilly next week.


Course CC118 – Stadhampton
Date 09/05/2013
Start TK Simon Evans
End TK Nick Druce
Pusher Richard Abbott
Number taker Simon Evans
Position Name   Club Total Time
1 Rob Gray RAF 23.10
2 Niall Davidson RAF 25.44
3 Phil Stacey DPCC 27.02
4 Martin Stanley DPCC 28.03
5 Mick Fountain DPCC 33.31

Provisional Results – 2nd May CC241

Hi All,

Here are the provisional results from last night, the CC241 10mile TT at Fairmile.

Conditions were excellent with light winds and warm temperatures, so it was great to see some fantastic times being recorded.

The TT season is well underway and Mick is logging the times for Didcot Phoenix club members on his two trophy tables; the Castle Points series which awards points for the best improver on the night and the Scratch Points series, which gives points for the top 5 DPCC riders.  Links to the points tables are below.

Castle Trophy Points

Scratch Points

Before I leave you with the results, please remember that each TT requires voluteers to ensure the event runs and next week were are short of a Finish Time keeper.  You can volunteer via the website, so please sign up ASAP to ensure the event can run!

See you soon,

Mike Cooper, DPCC Social Sec
Steve Rowe, Time Trial Sec

Course CC241 – 10mile Fairmile TT
Date 02/05/2013
Start TK Robert Briggs
End TK Mark Scanlan
Pusher Martin Stanley
Conditions 15degrees / Wind NE at 6kts/6.9mph
Position Name   Club Total Time
1 Rob Gray RAF CC 22:13
2 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 22:40
3 Ron Smith DPCC 22:41
4 Steve Mead DPCC 22:55
5 Nick Druce DPCC 22:58
6 Mike Cooper DPCC 23:03
7 Simon McGowan DPCC 23:18
8 Mark Rickinson Oxonian CC 23:19
9 Neil Morris DPCC 23:51
10 Tom Sefton PPV 24:05
11 Pete Tantrum DPCC 24:14
12 Oliver Clark DPCC 24:44
13 Matt Williams RAF CC 25:01
14 Adam Gardner GS Henley 25:10
15 Sam Dorkins DPCC 25:14
16 Jake Smith 25:31
17 Iain Kent DPCC 25:35
18 Ross Bentley-Davies DPCC 26:20
19 Andy Black DPCC 26:49
20 Simon Evans DPCC 26:55
21 William Annells DPCC 27:00
22 Zoe Ludwig-Tantrum DPCC 27:20
23 Patrick Swain DPCC 27:40
24 Laura Cooper DPCC 27:48
25 Kevin Stopps DPCC 28:13
26 Keri Panton DPCC 28:25
27 Giles Clark DPCC 28:45
28 Darren Addison DPCC 28:48
29 Jack Constant DPCC 29:28
30 Mick Fountain DPCC 30:03
31 Richard Abbot DPCC DNF

Spring has sprung! DPCC weekend update

Hi All,

We had a great club ride this morning and it finally felt warm out on the bike…shame about the strong wind, but you can’t have everything!  There were two rides today, with the ladies heading over to Abingdon to meet up with the Freewheelers and the guys cycling out to an amazing cafe at Brightwalton.  It was certainly good practice for those tacking the White Horse Challenge next weekend.

Iain, pictured above, led the ride today although committed a school boy error by not checking his spare innertube before riding today!  Aside from his puncture before we even started, all was well on the roads today.  Below the ladies stopped in Abingdon to meet up with the Freewheelers and demonstrated that female cycling is going from strength to strength.

Up next weekend is the Abingdon Cycling Festival, organised by the Abingdon Freewheelers.  The event starts at 09:00 in the market place and I’ve attached the ride schedule to this email.

If you aren’t cycling in the White Horse Sportif next weekend, we would really appreciate Didcot Phoenix members to come along and provide some support.  We’ll have a few turbos set up and people talking about our club and what we do.  We are also running an audax and need a couple of people to help at a few control stations.

Please email the club if you can help!

Club Kit:

We now have the details for ordering the new club kit.  The order form is attached, but please note we need to confirm if prices include VAT.  However, in the interest of ordering kit as soon as possible can you send your sizing details to Tom Gray ( by the end of the month so we can put an initial order in.

Time Trials:

As you all know, our Time Trial season is well under way and are in need of helpers to run each event.  The website includes a list of dates where help is needed, so please take a look and let Steve Rowe know if you can help out.

As you can see we need a Finish Timekeeper for the event on April 25th.  Full training can be provided on the night and please don’t be daunted by the task, as it is fairly straight forward.


Harwell Hilly – First TT of the season

I was cold and it was windy, but dispite this 15 riders turned up to race on the Harwell Hilly course this weekend.  First DPCC rider in was Nick Druce, with a couple of ex club members heading up the field.  Next Sunday we are on the Cholsey Hilly course and hopefully some warmer weather will arrive by then.

See you soon!


Timekeeper Ron Smith
Pusher Neil Morris

No Rider Club Lap 1 total

15 Mark Cox Fairly United 14:06 28:18
11 Paul Lloyd Fairly United 14:09 28:26
04 Ron Gray RAF 14:24 28:56
09 Nick Druce DPCC 15:03 30:24
05 Simon McGowan DPCC 15:09 30:38
10 Steve Mead DPCC 15:37 31:11
06 Ian Middleton DPCC 15:57 31:58
03 Matt Williams Zapps 16:09 32:24
07 Robert Briggs DPCC 16:17 32:48
08 Phil Stacey DPCC 16:22 33:06
12 Oliver Clark DPCC 16:45 33:28
02 William Annells DPCC 18:32 37:30
13 Giles Clark DPCC 18:36 38:13
14 Jack Constant DPCC 20:03 40:39
01 Mick Fountain DPCC 21:49 46:19

Club Volunteering

Hi All,

If you take a look at the TT pages on our website, you can now see columns where you can volunteer to help out throughout our TT season.

In addition, the club is also some help to draft an Audax routesheet which we are preparing for the Abingdon Cycling Festival.  If you are able to help out at a club TT, please email

If you are able to assist with the Audax routesheet, please email  Note, that work can be done from the comfort of your laptops with Google Streetview, even just doing a 10-mile section – it all helps!

Your help is welcomed!


Thanks, Mike

Weekend round-up

For 5 minutes last week it appeared that Spring was in the air, but with a cold blast from the east, Winter was definitely back this weekend.  However, this did not stop Didcot Phoenix riders from taking part in several events including Simon who completed the 79 miles and 1500m of climbing at the Wiltshire Wildcat Sportive  and David Emms who finished 21st in the Spring Chicken Road Race.

Two races were run, with the shorter being the Spring Chicken and the longer Roy Thame Cup (elite/1s/2s) race is run afterwards. Ex-junior member Henry Latimer and former member James Jones were in the Roy Thame Cup.

Spring Chicken Road Race – Results

At the Wiltshire Wildcat Sportive, Simon bumped (not on the road I hope) into Chris Boardman who presumably was selling an old bike or two…

The Sunday club run was also out covering 55 miles out to Brill and back.  Details of the route and additional news can be found on the DPCC Forum.

Finally Neil Morris took part in an early season Time Trial this weekend, racing on the H29/18 High Wycombe/Chilterns hilly course.  Results for this event can be found on Mick Fountain’s pages here.

See you on a bike soon!



Super Mac wins Christmas Cup!

Super Simon Macgowan came home quickest when the lord of all things to do with adjusted times etc (Mick), had calculated times vs age after the Xmas cup run at Stadhampton yesterday. Simon said that it’s the first time he’s won anything since he was 5 at a kids birthday party (he forgets winning the love of his lovely wife and the admiration of his 2 up partner).
He has Pete Annells to thank as he missed the start (we’ve all done it at Stadders), and left last, so the flooded road and the tail wind was probably helping him the most in the end.
We also had some old friends in the field of 14- Llewylen (who’s now racing in Belgum and France), JP and JP senior (who went to Fairmile first), and another nice gentleman who I’ll namecheck when I can look at the sign on sheet.
Conditions were ok- chilly and there was a little water across the road in Cuxham, and a tidy tailwind on the way back as a late xmas gift from TT Santa.

So big up to Simon- I have a feeling we’ll be seeing his name on a number of the club trophies over the coming years.

And a quick reminder….
“With not long until the club dinner, it is time to claim trophies, standards and records for the 2012 season. Records and standard claims need to be backed up with evidence from either a CTT open results sheet or Didcot Phoenix club TT date. Details of trophy competitions, standard times and records are on the website. For clarification on claiming trophies etc. or to make your claim please email All claims must be received by Sunday 6th Jan for consideration by committee on 7th January 2013.
2011 trophy winners are reminded that their trophies need to be returned and they can email the same address to arrange collection.”



Timekeeper Pete Annells
Pusher Duncan

No. Rider Club Time Handicap
09 Llewellyn Kinch Terra Footwear 22:17
12 Steve Wright OCRC 24:06
10 Simon McGowan DPCC 26:08 6:36 Trophy Winner
11 Paul Allday OCRC 26:32
04 Neil Morris DPCC 26:42 7:10
14 Pete Warwick DPCC 28:21 9:03
13 Steve Warwick DPCC 28:30 8:42
03 Phill Stacey DPCC 29:03 10:36
02 Tom Sefton PPV 29:27
07 Brian Charleston DPCC 29:50
01 Patrick Swain DPCC 30:12 10:40
05 William Annells DPCC 30:17 9:47
06 Alan Shuttleworth Altrincham RC 31:34
08 Mick Fountain DPCC 34:25 11:26

Matt Chambers beats the club 24 hour TT record!

Well done to Matt for stretching the club 24 hour TT record out to an impressive 380.481 miles ( provisional), and also well done to Ross on his 352 mile PB. Matt’s distance also takes the vet’s record and vet’s ‘on standard’ record.

From a distance the weather looked to be favourable for big distances but there was nobody over 500 this year.  No doubt there will be a further account from the riders themselves once they have recovered!

Ross reported “we had close to perfect weather conditions for this year’s race: no wind and warm all night”.

“Matt started 9 mins ahead of me and I couldn’t resist the temptation to try to chase him down. I did catch him, but the effect was that I started much too fast. I’d done the first 100 miles, including a stop for a cup of tea and a sandwich in only two minutes more than my 100 mile TT time last month”.

“Realising I’d overcooked it, I backed off and Matt moved ahead again. We reached halfway within a mile of each other, and when Matt stopped for a sleep for half-an-hour, I had the lead again. I was in quite a bit of pain and slowing all the time from my pace-misjudgement, and Matt had got his pace just right. He breezed past me and I finally admitted defeat about 5am”.

“While Matt was slogging out the miles down to Telford, I deliberately took a longer break and tried to recover a bit, safe in the knowledge that if I reached the Hodnet roundabout after 7am I’d get turned back and wouldn’t have to ride the rough road surface all the way to Telford. I worked out that I could still get a PB if I was careful with my pace. In the end I’m pretty pleased with managing to recover and keep my head together enough to get a PB on a ride when I’d got myself into such a mess after only 6 or 7 hours”.

“Matt did brilliantly – he got the pacing just right and, unlike previous years, managed to keep his digestion under control too”.

“A well deserved record”.

Congratulations to all riders taking part in this event, it takes a tremendous effort to complete a 24 hour race!

Result of Club 10 mile TT 19 July 2012 on CC220 – Harwell Hilly

There was a reasonable turnout for last nights Harwell Hilly time trial and we all finished just before the rain came down!  There was a cross wind across the course, but it was reasonably warm and the roads were dry.

The end of the season is rapidly approaching and we are planning an end of season curry this year, with details to follow soon.

See you soon, Mike

Start TK Duncan
Finish TK Duncan

12 Mark Cox Fairly Unit 27:10
5 Ron Smith DPCC 27:37
4 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 28:35
15 Simon McGowan DPCC 29:44
13 Pete Tantrum DPCC 30:23
10 Oliver Clark DPCC 31:00
9 Iain Kent DPCC 31:22
16 Mike Cooper DPCC 31:41
17 Tom Sefton PPV 31:55
8 Jake Smith DPCC 32:19
14 Sam Dorkings Try It 32:50
6 Kevin Stopps DPCC 34:07
3 William Annells DPCC 35:08
11 Ian Hillsdon DPCC 35:24
2 Phil Stacey DPCC 36:37
7 Leigh Bastadle Try It 36:38
1 Mick Fountain DPCC 38:37