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James Churchard from GS Henley took the top spot in the second TT to be held on the CC243A course. DPCCs Ron Smith was just 2 seconds ahead of Neil Ashcroft to take 2nd spot in 23 minutes 1 second.

Result of TT on 5 June 2014 – CC243a

Number seller: Marion Fountain
Start TK: Bryan Charleston
Pusher: Steve Luck
Finish TK: Steve Luck
Number taker: Bryan Charleston

#Start NoNameClubTime
18James ChurchardGS Henley22.42
213Ron SmithDPCC23.01
33Neil AshcroftDPCC23.03
417Allan AllcockDPCC24.05
55Iain KentDPCC24.13
62Mark WinksDPCC24.24
710Pete TantrumDPCC24.29
818Tim AllenDPCC24.52
99Pete WarwickDPCC25.14
106Robert BriggsDPCC25.28
1112Dominic RorkeTri It25.30
1219Giles ClarkDPCC26.00
137Alex DrummondTri It26.02
1414Iaro SharpeTri It26.18
1515Jeremy StambaughDPCC26.35
1616James FerryOTCC27.00
174Patrick SwainDPCC27.07
1811Kevin StoppsDPCC27.44
191Mick FountainDPCC31.12

ORRL – Round 2 – Great Shefford

In what turned out to be a rather fine evening on a challenging Great Shefford road course, Club riders Dave Emms and Dan Atkins finished in the top half of the field in DPCCs round of the ORRL.

On behalf of the club I would like to thank all the race Marshals, and other volunteers that took time out of their day to make sure that this event ran smoothly.
A special thanks must also go to Nick Druce and Simon Evans who have put in long hours over the past couple of months, liaising with BC and ORRL to get this event and league up and running.

Official results to follow…

Martin Stanley
DPCC Secretary

ORRL – round 1 – Result

ORRL round 1 winner
ORRL – Round 1 winner

Dave Emms wins at Weston on the Green – Dave timed his sprint to perfection to beat a large field of 70 plus riders on Friday 30th May. The other 6 DPPC riders had mixed fortunes being held up or put out of the race in two racing incidents. The most unfortunate was Seb Charlesworth who needed a trip to A&E, we all wish Seb a speedy recovery. Also of note was cracking ride by Tim Allen who was unconfirmed first junior home despite breaking a spoke.

The next round of ORRL is our round being organised by Nick Druce and Simon Evans on 4th June starting at Great Shefford at 7pm.

Also over the weekend:

Youth Duathlon winner
Velopark Youth Duathlon winner

Giles Clark was in action in London at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Sunday 1st June, winning the BT Velopark Youth Duathlon. Congratulations to Giles!

Championship 10 Results

Championship 10 results - 29th May 2014 - Southmoor
Championship winner

George Towersey rode the Southmoor H10/17R course in 21 minutes 16 seconds to become club 10 mile champion 2014. In doing so George also chipped a big 20 seconds off the junior 10 mile record.

Steve Wright finished in 2nd spot with 21m 33s, and Steve Mead with 21m 43s to take third.




Thanks again to all our helpers on the night:

Start TK: Mick Fountain
Pusher: Simon Evans
Finish TK: Mark Scanlan
Number seller and number recorder: Steve Luck

Result 29th May 2014. H10/17r

#Start NoNameClubTime
111George TowerseyDPCC21.16
221Steve WrightDPCC21.33
313Steve MeadDPCC21.43
45Ron SmithDPCC22.04
56Neil AshcroftDPCC22.17
614Martin StanleyDPCC22.39
79Simon McGowanDPCC22.46
822Neil MorrisDPCC22.54
910Toby FranksDPCC22.59
1026Tom SeftonRP RT23.11
113Robert BriggsDPCC23.45
1217Mark WinksDPCC23.46
1320Allan AllcockDPCC23.46
1423Tim AllenDPCC23.55
158Pete WarwickDPCC24.32
167Steve WarwickDPCC24.40
1715Paul SolertiDPCC24.40
184Phill StaceyDPCC24.48
1925Jake SmithDPCC25.14
2012Harri JamesDPCC25.41
2124Tim DaviesDPCC26.02
2228Dimitri KalafatisDPCC26.11
2327Jeremy StambaughDPCC26.25
2416Seb CharlesworthDPCC27.49
2518Pete TantrumDPCCDNF
2619Zoe Ludwig-TantrumDPCCDNF


Rob Gray from RAF CA took the evening honours on what turned out to be pleasant evening after the afternoons deluge, Steve Wright led the DPCC riders home in second place with 22m 03s, with Neil Ashcroft 3rd 22m 32s.

Thursday 29th May sees the club return to the Southmoor H10/17R course for the Club 10 mile cup (DPCC riders only).

Result 22nd May 2014 CC241

Pusher: Kevin Wilkinson and Harri James
Start TK: Mark Winks
Finish TK: Nick Druce
Number Taker: Richard Abbot

#Start NoNameClubTime
18Rob GrayRAF CA21.47
25Steve WrightDPCC22.03
33Neil AshcroftDPCC22.32
415Simon McGowanDPCC23.06
510Ron SmithDPCC23.18
67Martin StanleyDPCC23.20
72Iain KentDPCC23.30
89Niall DavidsonRAF CA23.33
916Neil MorrisDPCC23.34
1011Tim AllenDPCC24.19
1117Oliver ClarkDPCC24.19
1213Andy ClarkDPCC24.23
134Steve WarwickDPCC25.18
1412Giles ClarkDPCC25.20
1514Jake SmithDPCC25.37
166Dimitri KalafatisDPCC25.50
1719Jeremy StambaughDPCC26.50
1818Kevin StoppsDPCC28.00
191Mick FountainDPCC28.30
2020Kevin WilkinsonDPCC29.57

Harwell Hill TT results – 15th May

A float night on the Harwell Hilly course saw ex club member Henry Latimer ride a very impressive 25m53s, first club rider was Ron Smith, with Neil Ashcroft taking 3rd spot.

Result 15 May 2014 CC220
Pusher Pete Tantrum
Start TK Simon Evans
Finish TK Neil Morris
Number Taker Martin Stanley

#Start NoNameClubLap 1Time
15Henry LatimerCatford Equipe12.5825.53
26Ron SmithDPCC13.4927.53
32Neil AshcroftDPCC14.0528.15
410Simon McGowanDPCC14.1628.44
54Mark WinksDPCC14.4329.48
616Nick DruceDPCC15.0930.17
713Andy ClarkDPCC15.1530.27
812Giles ClarkDPCC15.3631.19
911Ian MiddletonDPCC15.4631.48
103Andy BlackDPCC15.5332.21
117Harri JamesDPCC16.3132.45
1218Matt ChambersDPCC16.4533.16
138Seb CharlesworthDPCC16.2933.34
1417Jeremy StambaughDPCC16.3233.50
1514Kevin StoppsDPCC17.3135.51
169Darren AddisonDPCC18.3037.15
171Mick FountainDPCC21.1043.24
1815Julian BradwellDPCC18.58DNF

Southmoor TT Results – 8th May

Congratulations to George Towersey for a great 1st place and taking another chunk off the junior record.
All club records can be found here

H10/17r Strong Westerly wind

Sign on and result board: Neil Morris
Start TK: Matt Chambers
Pusher: Steve Mead
Finish TK: Marion Fountain

#Start NoNameClubTimeNotes
113George TowerseyDPCC21.36Provisional Junior Record
27Mark CoxFairly United CT21.41
35Neil AshcroftDPCC21.56
418Simon McGowanDPCC22.46
58Martin CairnsReading CC22.47
611Martin StanleyDPCC22.52
715Nick DruceDPCC23.00
810Ron SmithDPCC23.04
912Toby FranksDPCC23.21
109Alan AllcockDPCC23.54
116Adam GardnerGS Henley24.30
1220Tim AllenDPCC24.40
133Simon EvansDPCC24.54
142Pete WarwickDPCC24.55
1519Phill StaceyDPCC25.07
164Andy BlackDPCC25.18
1721Harri JamesDPCC26.07
1814Tim DaviesDPCC26.23
1917Kevin StoppsDPCC27.44
2016Shane McSweeneyCome and Try it30.57
211Mick FountainDPCC33.24

Fairmile TT Results – 1st May

Congratulations to Rob Gray for posting the quickest time on the Fairmile TT on 1st May in changing conditions, first DPCC rider was Oliver Clark with 24m 11s .

Many thanks to the volunteers who also braved the inclement weather.

CC241 01/05/14 Wet.

Sign on and result board: Clare Hofmann
Start TK: Andy Black
Pusher: Steve Luck
Finish TK: Nick Druce
Brolly holder for Nick: Mick Fountain

#Start NoNameClubTimeNotes   
19Rob GrayRAF CA22.20
21Mark CoxFairly United CT22.36
310Niall DavidsonRAF CA23.31
46Oliver ClarkDPCC24.11
55Tom SeftonRP RT24.15
615Neil MorrisDPCC24.34
73Mark WinksDPCC24.55
82Steve WarwickDPCC25.03
912Robert BriggsDPCC25.19
1014Steve MeadDPCC25.19
1113Chris GilliganDPCC25.21
128Simon EvansDPCC25.40
1311Tim AllenDPCC25.55
147Seb CharlesworthDPCC32.40Off Course
154Dimitri KalafatisDPCCNADNS

TT – 8th May – Change of Course – Southmoor H10/17R

There has been a change to the course for the Time trial that is due to take place on Thursday 8th May. The new course is the Southmoor H10/17R and first rider off will be at 19:31

All fixtures can be seen here: TT Schedule

There will be a club social after the time trial at the Lamb and Flag pub, just along the road from where we park for the TT.  The landlord of the pub has said we are ok to order food on the night, but he does stop serving food from 9PM…

All members are welcome, even if you don’t fancy racing!  It will be a great opportunity to meet the many new members who have joined our club this season!

Look forward to seeing you there,


Sire’s Hill TT Results – 24th April

Congratulations to Henry Latimer who won the Sires Hill TT on 24th April, and also to George Towersey and Rob Gray who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Apologies for the lack of comms around the new meeting point for this course. The parking and number distribution for all future H10/15 and CC243a events is now at the same place:
The old Didcot road leading to the Donkey Sanctuary.

H10/15 24 April 2014.
Number seller: Neil Ashcroft
Start TK: Simon McGowan
Finish TK: Steve Luck
Pusher: Simon Evans

#Start NoNameClubTime
112Henry LatimerCatford Equipe21.28
24George TowerseyDPCC21.41
325Rob GrayRAF CA21.59
416Steve MeadDPCC22.42
523Neil AshcroftDPCC22.54
610Martin CairnsReading CC23.04
713Ron SmithDPCC23.08
82Martin StanleyDPCC23.10
911James ChurchardGS Henley23.16
103Toby FranksDPCC23.35
1114Neil MorrisDPCC24.16
1224Ian HillsdonDPCC24.28
1315Mark WinksDPCC24.55
1421Andy ClarkDPCC24.58
1518Robert BriggsDPCC25.05
168Alan AllcockDPCC25.09
1719Oliver ClarkDPCC25.11
187Phill StaceyDPCC25.18
1917Timothy AllenDPCC25.26
2020Giles ClarkDPCC25.27
216Pete WarwickDPCC25.47
229Jake SmithDPCC25.57
235Steve warwickDPCC26.06
2422Adam GardnerGS Henley27.06
251Matt ChambersDPCC27.27
260Mick FountainDPCC33.22