Introduction to Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club

We are a growing club of over 100 riders based in Didcot but found participating in events around the region and beyond.

Central to the club is the social Sunday Club Run, with a group (or groups) of riders heading out for around 50 miles with coffee and cake halfway; routes vary each week. On Saturdays, find our members having breakfast at Benson Waterfront Cafe, having made their own way there.

Many of our members are involved in racing, and training rides on Saturdays and on Tuesday evenings are publicised via our Facebook pages. There’s also a separate discussion group devoted to racing.

The club have always been known for our vibrant* time-trialling scene, which includes a calendar of Thursday night events on local courses as well as open events, and members competing at regional and national level.

In winter, our focus switches to cyclocross and turbo training to maintain fitness and enjoy messing about in the mud. Year-round, a handful of members are to be found taking part in long-distance Audax events, for reasons best known to themselves.

If you live in the area, why not join us? We’ d love to have you along!


*yeah, we have bright orange kit. Sorry about that.