2015 TT Fixtures and results

Results from the 2015 season

DateDayCourseLocationResultsDistanceStart TimeNotes DPCCNotes DistrictStart Sheet & Number TakerStart PusherStart Time KeeperFinish Time Keeper
29/03/2015SundayCC220HarwellCancelled due to road works on Hagbourne Hill 11.411:00Come and Try It

New CC 243a courseCome and Try ItMartin StanleyOliver ClarkJez HewittNeil Morris
09/04/2015ThursdayCC220HarwellResults11.418:46Max 35Gareth DaviesTim DaviesVictoria LawsonMick Fountain
16/04/2015ThursdayCC118StadhamptonTT Results DB1018:46Standard Road Bike only No Aero KitSimon EvansTim AllenSimon McGowanSteve Luck
23/04/2015ThursdayH10/15Sire's HillTT Results DB1019:16Max 28Max 28Andy BlackPete Tantrum Mark WinksSteve Luck
30/04/2015ThursdayCC241FairmileTT Results DB1019:16Max 40Max 40Simon EvansNeil MorrisSteve LuckNick Druce
07/05/2015ThursdayH10/17RSouthmoorTT Results DB1019:31Max 36
Come and Try It
Simon EvansSteve LuckPeter CowanMarion Fountain
09/05/2015SaturdayH10/17RSouthmoor Results1016:00WLCA Open - Organised by Mick Fountain
10/05/2015SundayH25/17SouthmoorStart sheet
2507:00DPCC Open - Volunteers required!Mark Scanlan
14/05/2015ThursdayCC220HarwellTT Results DB11.419:16Steve WarwickSteve LuckPete WarwickMick Fountain
21/05/2015ThursdayCC241FairmileTT Results DB1019:16Steve LuckDan AtkinsDimitri KalafatisSimon Evans
28/05/2015ThursdayH10/17RSouthmoorTT Results DB1019:3110 Mile Cup – DPCC OnlyDPCC Only Event

SOCIAL POST TT - Lamb and Flag
Simon EvansSimon PayneSteve LuckMark Scanlan
04/06/2015ThursdayCC243aBrightwellTT Results DB1019:31New CC 243a courseCome and Try ItVolunteerNeil MorrisSimon EvansSteve Luck
11/06/2015ThursdayCC118StadhamptonTT Results DB1019:31Andy BlackRobert BriggsSimon EvansChris Gilligan
18/06/2015ThursdayCC118StadhamptonTT Results DB1019:31Vicky LawsonPaul SolertiIain KentIan Middleton
19/06/2015FridaySilverstone circuitSilverstone19:009-UP TTT1 Mens + 1 Ladies/Mixed team.
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25/06/2015ThursdayCC241FairmileTT Results DB1019:31Clare HofmannKevin StoppsRichard HarrisonSteve Luck
02/07/2015ThursdayCC241FairmileTT Results DB1019:31Come and Try ItChris VirgoMatt ChambersKevin StoppsSimon Evans
05/07/2015SundayH25/17SouthmoorTT Results DB2508:00Club 25 mile TT Champs - Oxonian open, pre entry required
09/07/2015ThursdayCC118aStadhamptonMicks Results page1019:01Ben Owen Memorial TT

HQ: John Hampden Hall, Chalgrove.
Club InvitationalRobert Briggs (signing on at HQ)Simon Evans / Mike CooperMarion FountainMark Scanlan / Iain Kent & Pete Warwick (number takers)
16/07/2015ThursdayCC220HarwellTT Results DB11.419:31Gareth DaviesSteve MeadPete WarwickTim Davies
23/07/2015ThursdayH10/15Sire's HillTT Results DB1019:162-Up Time TrialDPCC & Affiliated Clubs OnlyChris VirgoVolunteerKevin StoppsNeil Ashcroft
30/07/2015ThursdayCC241StadhamptonFairmileTT Results DB1019:16Includes 5 mile TTCome and Try ItLee GrattonDan AtkinsIain KentNick Druce
06/08/2015ThursdayH10/17RSouthmoorTT Results DB1019:31Come and Try ItOliver ClarkDan AtkinsMarion FountainMark Scanlan
13/08/2015ThursdayCC241FairmileTT Results DB1019:16Matt ChambersDunko Ron Smith
20/08/2015ThursdayHHC028Wittenham ClumpsTT Results DBHC18:46End of Season SupperCome and Try itKevin StoppsSimon McGowanAlan Allcock
22/08/2015SaturdayH10/181Witney Bypass Start Sheet
1016:00DPCC Open - Volunteers required!Mike CooperOthers

Phil Brown, Richard Harrison, Howard Waller, David Emms, Ron Smith + 3 more please
Marion FountainMark Scanlan
30/08/2015SundayHC012Cray's PondHC09:31Club Hill Climb ChampsCome and Try ItIain Kent
30/08/2015SundayHC005StreatleyHC10:31Club Hill Climb ChampsCome and Try It
26/12/2015SaturdayCC241Fairmile1011:01Christmas CupDPCC Only EventSimon EvansKevin Stopps