Time Trials

If you fancy giving TTs a go, come down to one of our “Come and Try It” events. All you need is a bike!
Hints and tips on the CTT site

Find information on our club time trial courses here.

2017 Time Trial Fixtures: (results here)

9/4/2017SundayCC243aBrightwell1011:00Paul DemicoliMark GraftonMatt ChambersPeter CowanTim Davies
13/04/17ThursdayCC273Donkey Sanctuary14.1618:46New CourseHarri JamesAlan AllcockSteve WarwickSteve LuckMartin Stanley
20/04/17ThursdayCC118Stadhampton1018:46Standard Road Bike only No Aero KitPaul DemicoliKevin StoppsSteve WarwickHenry LatimerDan Atkins
27/04/17ThursdayH10/15Sire's Hill - modified course1019:16Anthony AtkinSimon McGowanHarri JamesSimon EvansDan Atkins
4/5/2017ThursdayCC241Fairmile1019:16Simon EvansKevin StoppsSteve LuckHoward WallerRichard Gildea
11/5/2017ThursdayH10/17Cumnor1019:31Matt ChambersSimon EvansPete WarwickMick FountainMartin Stanley & Harri James
18/05/17ThursdayCC271West Hanney1019:16Alan AllcockPete TantrumSteve WarwickNeil MorrisDan Atkins
25/05/17ThursdayCC272Abingdon 101019:16New CourseJames BarlowNeil MorrisNeil AshcroftHarri JamesSimon Evans
Southmoor1019:3110 Mile Cup (DPCC Only)Steven ReevesKevin StoppsDimitri KalafatisHoward WallerMartin Stanley & Paul Demicoli
8/6/2017ThursdayCC243aBrightwell1019:31Come and Try ItFrank SchroerPete TantrumPhillip StaceySimon EvansMartin Stanley & Paul Demicoli
9/6/2017FridayFull Formula 1 Grand Prix CircuitInternational Wing – Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit11 miles (3x 3.7mile laps)19:009-up TT on Road bikes, register your interest on the club forum
10/6/2017SaturdayH25/17Cumnor257:00DPCC Open 25 - enter hereEmail timetrials@didcotphoenix.co.uk to help
15/06/17ThursdayCC118Stadhampton1019:31Paul DemicoliMartin StanleyKevin StoppsMick FountainRobert Briggs
22/06/17ThursdayCC118Stadhampton1019:01Ben Owen Memorial Invitational TT - Thurs 22nd June - Helpers Required

How to Volunteer
Frank SchroerSimon EvansPaul DemicoliHoward Waller
Assistant: Pete Warwick
Ron Smith
29/06/17ThursdayCC241Fairmile1019:31Come and Try ItKevin StoppsSimon EvansSimon McGowanTim AllenAlan Allcock
06/07/17ThursdayCC243aBrightwell1019:31Come and Try ItRon SmithRichard GildeaKevin StoppsHarri JamesJames Barlow & Richard Gildea
13/07/17ThursdayCC273Donkey Sanctuary14.1619:31New CourseSimon EvansKevin StoppsRichard GildeaSteve LuckRichard Gildea
20/07/17ThursdayH10/17rSouthmoor1019:31Chris VirgoPaul DemicoliMick FountainOliver ClarkRichard Gildea
27/07/17ThursdayCC118Stadhampton1019:162Up TT - DPCC & Affiliated Clubs OnlySteve ReevesPaul Demicoli
& Kevin Stopps
Steve MeadHarri JamesAnthony Atkin
03/08/17ThursdayH10/15Sire's Hill - modified course1019:16Simon EvansPete TantrumNeil MorrisRichard GildeaMartin Stanley & Anthony Atkin
10/8/2017ThursdayH10/17Cumnor1019:31Paul DemicoliChris VirgoPete WarwickHoward WallerMartin Stanley & A. N. Other
17/08/17ThursdayCC272Abingdon 101019:16New Course - TT supper afterwards
Come and Try It
Ron SmithHarri JamesNeil AshcroftHoward WallerPaul Demicoli
19/08/17SaturdayH10/181Witney1016:00DPCC Open 10 - enter hereEmail timetrials@didcotphoenix.co.uk to help
24/08/17ThursdayHHC028Wittenham Clumps1019:01Steve ReevesPeter CowanSimon McGowanRon SmithVolunteer
27/08/17SundayHHC012GoringHC9:31Club Hill Climb Champs
Come and Try it
VolunteerHarri JamesRon SmithTim DaviesVolunteer
28/08/17MondayH25/17Cumnor258:00Club 25 mile Champs and Leiden Plaque Interclub compEmail timetrials@didcotphoenix.co.uk to help
26/12/17TuesdayCC241Fairmile1011:01Christmas Cup (DPCC Only)VolunteerVolunteerMick FountainSteve LuckPaul Demicoli

Time Trial Etiquette – A few pointers from our TT Secretary

If you are a regular club time trialist, please take a few minutes to read the note from our Time Trial Secretary.

5 Points of Etiquette for TT’s

Time Trials – Time Trial Secretary

Course CodeLengthNameStart locationFinish locationSuggested Parking
CC11810 milesStadhamptonstadhampton startstadhampton finish
CC22011.4 milesHarwell HillyHarwell startHarwell finish
CC24110 milesFairmileFairmile startfairmile finish
CC243a10 milesBrightwellbrightwell donkey startBrightwell donkey finishParking
CC27110 milesWest HanneyHanney startHanney finish
H10/1510 milesSires HillSires Hill H10/15 startSires Hill H10/15 FinishParking
H10/1710 milesCumnorH10/17 StartH10/17 FinishSuggest parking TBC
H10/17 & H25/17 parking
H10/17R10 milesSouthmoorH10/17R StartH10/17R FinishH10/17R Parking
H25/1725 milesCumnorH10/17 & H25/17 parking
HC005Hill ClimbStreatley
HC012Hill ClimbCray's pond
HHC028Hill ClimbWittenham Clumps

Time Trial Links
LWDC Forthcoming TT Events

Previous Years Time Trial Results

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10 thoughts on “Time Trials”

  1. I’m down to do the start sheet and numbers. Does someone else bring these or should I pick them up and is best to have a car for storing these and riders’ stuff etc? In any case it’s good to have it if weather’s bad. My wife uses the car for work so to get it I need to cycle home from Harwell IBC to Fleet Meadow and pick it up and I work quite late so it’s easier for me to do events which are near Didcot with a late start.

    I intended to volunteer for the Brightwell 10 on 9 Jun but seem to have ended up down for West Hanney on 21 July which makes getting car more difficult. Would it be possible to swap?



    1. Hopefully the webpage is updated as per your offer of request. Nearer the time we will co-ordinate the TT kit with the other volunteers, so no need to worry just yet.
      Many Thanks


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