TT Results – 09/04/15 – CC220 – Harwell

Result of Harwell Hilly CC220 on 9th April 2015

15 degrees, light wind

Number Seller: Gareth Davies
Number taker: Clare Hofmann
Start Timekeeper: Victoria Lawson
Finish Timekeeper: Mick Fountain
Pusher: Kevin Stopps

#Start NoNameClubLap 1TimeCat.
110Paul LloydFairly United CT13.0126.30
29Martin StanleyDPCC13.5928.22Vet
36Neil AshcroftDPCC14.1528.27Vet
412Ron SmithDPCC14.0628.33Vet
52Simon McGowanDPCC14.2329.01Vet
65Richard GildeaDPCC14.2629.14
71Iain KentDPCC15.0230.07Vet
811Nick DruceDPCC15.0930.32Vet
97Dan AtkinsDPCC15.2431.02
1014Paul SolertiDPCC15.4031.15
1115Lee GrattonTORQ Performance (MTB)15.5631.57
1213Phill StaceyDPCC15.5632.22
134Andy BlackDPCC16.0332.25Vet
1416Tim DaviesDPCC16.1132.50Vet
1517Jeremy StambaughDPCC17.1334.33Vet
168Darren AddisonDPCC18.1336.52Vet
173Steve WarwickDPCC18.1937.26Vet

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