Stan Maciak Challenge

Stan Maciak
To honour Stan Maciak’s time spent with the club, a new trophy has been created. The idea of the Stan Maciak Challenge builds upon the multi discipline approach to all things cycling that Stan had. To complete for this challenge you must have Stamina and a desire to compete and help at events through-out the cycling season.

In 2018, points will be considered for events participated in between 1st January and 26th December.
The latest 2018 season update includes December clubruns and claims up to 31st December:

* Club members whose membership has elapsed are marked in red, renew here.

Both club and non club events are eligible for points, and the current way to accumulate points is as outlined in the following table:

Stan Maciak Challenge points Overview 2016

Club runs, and Club TT points (racing and helping), will be automatically be included in the season score. However, claims for other points must be done within two weeks of the event completion by emailing the trophy secretary here.


1 – Trophy can’t be won by same person in consecutive years.
2 – Claim for points must be done within 2 weeks of participation in event to enable administrator to keep leader board up to date.
3 – Official event mileage/elevation to count for Sportive / Audax, not personal stats from computer / GPS device.
4 – Helper: Timekeeper, Pusher, Number Seller /taker, Photographer, only one role claim per event.
5 – Clubrun points scoring clarification: Starting at the Broadways in an organised group and making it to at least the cafe, including stopping. Solstice ride counts as extra clubrun.
6 – Other Clubs (non Open) TT participation can be claimed with suitable evidence provided.
7 – Other distance Open TTs can be claimed and will be categorised by points Secretary on a case by case basis with evidence provided.
8 – Other cycling events may be claimed for and will be considered, categorised by points Secretary on a case by case basis with evidence provided.

To learn more about Stan Maciak, please see his cycling biography here: coming soon.

Previous season results:

2017 results – here.
2016 results – here.
2015 results – here.

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