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DPCC Club Kit – 2015 revision

The club is pleased to announce that Mountain Mania now manages our Club kit for 2015. The shop stocks a range of Jerseys, bib shorts, gilets, arm and leg warmers. The Shop also takes orders for specific orders such as skinsuits. Towards the end of the year we expect to see winter apparel on offer too.  Don’t forget to take your DPCC membership card into the shop to claim a 10% discount.

Apres Club wear

Après cycle wear In addition to cycling kit available at the shop, the club has designed a Fleece to complement the current cycling kit design. This is available to order direct from the club for £35.  The Fleece sports front and rear embroidered club logos.

If you would like to Order one then please email clothing and then we will contact you about arranging payment and indicative delivery details. For information on sizing see here.

5 thoughts on “Club Kit”

  1. I am not a supporter of a commercial outlet for club kit supply for many reasons. One glaring point is that skin-suits with advertising have to be declared and registered on entry to an open TT. Another is that the club have no control over the pricing, which I think is very high. I have just tried to find out the price of various items of club kit and clicked on the only link I could find to the source. The link goes to the Mountain Mania website only (unless I missed it) and no list of kit available or prices. I purchased the minimum to be part of the club on rides, but at nearly £200 I can almost afford Assos kit, which is far superior. I am going to throw in a proposal, I am prepared to be kit supplier.

  2. Furthermore, a member buying club kit should not have to take his membership card in to prove they are a member and claim the discount (a miserly 10%), why else would they be buying expensive club kit?

    1. Hi Steve

      I agree that we should have at least the price list displayed somewhere, and this is one of the things that Mike is trying to get published, I will raise your other points with the committee..


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