TT Results – 24/07/14 – H10/15 – Sire’s Hill – 2-UP

Result of Sire’s Hill H10/15 on 24th July 2014

Number Seller and Number taker: Mick Fountain
Start Timekeeper: Oliver Clark
Finish Timekeeper: Neil Ashcroft
Pushers: Mick Fountain and Kevin Stopps

#Start OrderName(s)ClubTime
13Simon McGowan, Ron SmithDPCC22.24
22Nick Druce, Iain KentDPCC22.57
31Martin Stanley, Neil MorrisDPCC23.21
410Rich Abbott, Dan AtkinsDPCC24.47
59Seb Charlesworth, Harri JamesDPCC25.35
68Mark Winks, Robert BriggsDPCC26.07
14Paul SolertiDPCC24.13
26Giles ClarkDPCC24.20
35Tim AllenDPCC24.38
47Andy ClarkDPCC24.54

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