Freewheeling comp – Sun 16th Jan, meet 09:30 at The Broadway

We need to squeeze this in before the awards dinner, and the “Boxing Day” TT on the 23rd – so Sun 16th it is!

Normal club run meet time/place, and we’ll pootle over to a suitable hill (probably the one down into Cholsey); then onto Benson for tea, cake and bragging.

Rain will not stop play – but other weather conditions might. Fingers crossed!


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One reply to “Freewheeling comp – Sun 16th Jan, meet 09:30 at The Broadway”

  1. MattC says:

    We have a winner! The deceptively thin-but-heavy Steve Luck. ( I suspect he’s also the most likely person to bother greasing their hubs.)
    New course is a bit slower, but everything was over a lot quicker (in the spirit of the age, 20-20 cricket etc … )

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