Rocket Ron is Club 10 Champion 2012!

Last Thursday saw the Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club race on the H10/17r course, on the A420 near Southmoor.  Conditions were dry with a slight tail wind blowing across the course, perfect for a fast run out to Tubney.

All riders completed the course, with many beating or very close to their personal bests.

The race was won by Ron Smith, 19 seconds ahead of last years winner, Neil Ashcroft.

The trophy was presented on the night.

10 Ron Smith DPCC 22:02
8 Neil Ashcroft DPCC 22:21
3 Nick Druce DPCC 22:32
7 Pete Tantrum DPCC 22:44
13 Mike Cooper DPCC 22:44
9 Mark Harvey DPCC 22:56
2 Duncan O’Reill DPCC 22:58
17 Simon McGowan DPCC 23:20
6 Dave Rodger DPCC 23:22
11 Pete Warwick DPCC 23:37
5 Steve Rowe DPCC 23:50
16 Neil Morris DPCC 23:51
20 Iain Kent DPCC 25:05
14 Matt Chambers DPCC 25:06
15 Steve Warwick DPCC 25:27
18 Kevin Stopps DPCC 26:42
4 Zoe Tantrum DPCC 27:24
12 Laura Cooper DPCC 27:25
1 Mick Fountain DPCC 27:43
19 Ian Hillsdon DPCC 28:21

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One reply to “Rocket Ron is Club 10 Champion 2012!”

  1. timetrials says:

    Yep, I’d like a pound for every PB set on Thursday!I have of course asked WADA for testing to be done on those who went too fast, but they’ve all come back in the clear! Very noble of Mike to put himself below Pete after they posted exactly the same timefor the second week in a row! you two would make a pretty boring two up team….
    Well done Zoe and Laura for such a great tussle with only a second separating our speed queens:)
    A predictably great night and hopefully it bodes well for some strong team rides in the Ben Owen in a few weeks.
    Love from Dunko’Floyd Landis’ O’Reilly x

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