2015 Club Championship 10 mile TT results

Congratulations to Richard Harrison and Helen Taylor on becoming 2015 Mens and Ladies 10 mile TT champions!

TT champions

Mens Results:

  1. Richard Harrison
  2. Neil Ashcroft
  3. Steve Mead

Ladies result:

  1. Helen Taylor
  2. Clare Hofmann
  3. Victoria Lawson

Helen and Richard were clear winners on what turned out to be another quite windy, and cool night on the Southmoor H10/17r course. Also congrats to 2nd claim junior Tim Allen who had the second fastest time of the evening with 21m36s.

Thanks to all the helpers and timekeepers for ensuring the event went as smooth as possible. Next weeks TT is on the Brightwell course.

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2 replies to “2015 Club Championship 10 mile TT results”

  1. Mark Scanlan says:

    Steve Warwick was number taker

  2. secretary says:Author

    Thanks Mark, will get that amended

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