Oxfordshire Road Race League – Round 6

Sunday 27th July saw the Oxonian and last round of the ORRL at the Great Milton road circuit.

Dave Emms narrowly came second in the sprint on a glorious Summer morning. After initially being isolated on the front with 500m to go, Tim Allen had the guile to take over on the front of the peleton to lead out Dave over the final hill on the A40 to leave “The Emms Express” in prime position for the sprint ahead.

As a reward for both their efforts, Dave Emms won the league and now becomes a 2nd Cat rider and Tim Allen picked up the most “combative” rider in the series and winner of the under 23 competition.

A top team effort guys! Congratulations from all at DPCC!

Ryan Witchell, University of Bristol, wins ahead of David Emms, Didcot Phoenix

Thanks also to Oxonian CC for hosting the final round of the ORRL.

David Emms, overall men's winner of the league
Winner of the under 23 competition

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3 replies to “Oxfordshire Road Race League – Round 6”

  1. dunko says:

    We’ll done lads!

  2. Nico Druccini says:

    This result is an incredible achievement, especially with the limited numbers we have in the peloton to play supporting roles. You guys have raised the profile of the club and remind us of the importance of running road racing events, despite the challenges associated with an open road course.

    Well done to David for the series win and gaining second cat status and Tim for his well deserved “Prix Antargaz”.

    We all have a year to enjoy the knowing nods from other riders that come with being on the team that won the Road Racing League and I ,for one, thank you both for that!

  3. Webmin says:

    Fantastic result and many congratulations to Dave Emms and Tim Allen, proving what can be achieved by hard-work and shear determination! To have your names on the first Oxfordshire Road Racing League is a tremendous achievement – Chapeau to both of you 🙂 Mike

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