Newbury Cyclocross

There was a good turn out of DPCC riders at the 1st round of the Wessex CX today, with  Pete Warwick, Neil Morris, Nick Druce, Steve Warwick plus Adam G all cycling in the event.

Pete writes, “we all started pretty near the back of the grid. The start was unusually gentlemanly with plenty of room before the first twisty bit. I can t really comment to clearly on the rides of Neil, Nick and Adam as they went flying off into the distance. Me and my bros were always pretty close to each other throughout the race and he just got the better of we at the mid point of the last lap”.

“Newbury did an excellent job with the course. loads of interest, a nice down hill, gravel, a sand trap, and good news, no hurdles”!!!!

“I think the finish order for our boys was Neil, Nick, Adam, Steve W and then Pete W with the lantern rouge”.

Roll on next week.

If you would like more information regarding local cyclocross events, which are very family friendly, please contact the club –


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  1. Dunko says:

    And well Done to Lee Gollop who put it together- that was the venue we were going to have a few years ago, before it went tits up. Harwell will match it for technical aspects and the entries (online only), keep on coming in- must be more than 40 now… shout if you can help

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