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Cumnor H10/17 TT Results – Thursday 10th August

Chris Boddy clocked a very impressive 19m41s for the H10/17 course, with Richard Gildea taking 2nd and Harri James 3rd on a pretty decent August evening. Chris’s time equates to a new club course record. Congratulations Chris!

Thanks to all TT helpers and timekeepers.

Next week sees us return to the Abingdon 10 course, with first rider off at 18:46, and afterwards there will be a end of season social at the Wildwood Kitchen Abingdon. We hope to see many of you there. And finally please dont forget if you can help with running an event, including the upcoming Open, Leiden Plaque and Hill climbs please email:

Leiden Plaque and Club 25 TT Championships 2017

This year sees Didcot Phoenix host the Interclub Leiden Plaque Trophy, a 25 Mile time trial which is handicapped using CTT rules. As with last year, we are also using the event to host the club 25 mile TT Championships.

It would be fantastic to see a turn out by DPCC riders, and given the handicapping system opens up the chance to win prizes to anyone.

Date: 28th August 2017 8/9am Start
Course: H25/17
HQ: Wootton & Dry Sandford Community Centre
Entry Cost: £6

If you’d like to enter, in advance of the event, please message email Harri James (

We are also looking for some volunteers to help with the running of the event, which if you can help out with, would be much appreciated.

p.s Last year Paul Demicoli and his Banbury Star team won it, which we can’t have happen again!

Stadhampton CC118 2-up TT Results – Thursday 27th July

Tonight saw the annual club 2-up TT on the Stadhampton CC118 course. Henry Latimer and Karla Boddy were the fastest pair on the night with a time of 22m05s, beating Neil Ashcroft and Mark Cox who set a time of 22m22s (all the two’s!). Team PhD (Ron Smith and Simon McGowan) beat Team Gildea (Richard Gildea and Oliver Gildea) by the narrowest of margins (1s) to third place with a time of 22m44s. Thanks to all TT helpers and timekeepers.

Brightwell CC243a TT Results – Thursday 13th July

A road closure affecting the planned Donkey Sanctuary course saw us return to last week’s Brightwell CC243a. Dr Neil Ashcroft was the fastest on the night with 22m58s, an improvement of 22s on last week, with Dr Anthony Atkin only 14s behind in 2nd place with a time of 23m12s. Dr Ron Smith was rounded up the trio of PhDs to take 3rd with a time of 23m50s. Mark Shoring was fastest road bike with 25m47s and 4th overall. Thanks to all TT helpers (including Dr Richard Gildea) and timekeepers.

2017 – Ben Owen Memorial TT Results

Thanks to all supporters, riders, timekeepers, marshals and particularly to Ron Smith for organising and to Christopher Owen for presenting the awards on the Evening.

Results: Full results

Ben Owen Memorial Trophy
1Fairly United CT - 11h 28m 32s
2Didcot Phoenix CC - 11h 28m 46s
3Newbury RC - 11h 29m 47s
Ben Owen Womens Trophy
1Cowley Road Condors CC1h 40m 16s
2Outdoor Traders CC1h 47m 52s
3Bicester Millennium CC1h 47m 56s
Fastest Men
1Tim Cartwright (NRC)20m 28s
2Chris Boddy (DPCC)21m 15s
3Mark Cox (FUCT)21m 20s
Fastest Women
1Katie Greves (CRCCC)23m 14s
2Michelle Lee (BMCC)24m 12s
3Aimee Jones (CRCCC)24m 44s

2017 - Ben Owen Memorial TT